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Expanding The New York Times Our Global “The Trouble With Airports, and How to Fix Them” Christian Science Monitor Ty Osbaugh “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Employees’ Needs Are “Post-Pandemic City: What Does ‘Downtown’ Mean in a Changing Workspaces” Reach in the World of Hybrid Work?” Robin Klehr Avia, John Harrison, Eric Gannon Media Sofia Song CNN McKinsey “When It Comes to Cutting Carbon Emissions, the Real Airport World Bloomberg Estate Industry Is Running Out of Time” “The Rebirth of Workspace Design: An Interview With Diane Hoskins Gensler Co-CEO Diane Hoskins” “Trends That Will Influence Airport Design in the Future” “Creating Sustainable & Equitable Future Cities” Diane Hoskins Tim Hudson, Ty Osbaugh Tim Martin McMorrow Reports “The Office Tower Has a New Job to Do” “Inclusive by Nature, Impelling by Nurture: The Future of “Where’s the C-Suite in an Open, Hybrid Office?” Todd Heiser Fast Company the Tech Workplace” Matthew Kobylar Brian Stromquist “The Future of the Office Is an Open Question, but This The Straits Times Company Is Testing 3 Designs to Figure It Out” gb&d Nena Martin “The Race to Net Zero: Eco-conscious Design Solutions” “One Huge Post-Pandemic Shift for Retail Workers? David Calkins “How Weather Is Changing the Way We Build” More Comfortable Stores to Work In” Rives Taylor Lara Marrero Work Design Magazine Healthcare Design Metropolis “Strategic Repositioning: The Key to Reimagined, Livable Architect Building Design + Forbes Urban Work Environments” Construction “How to Design Better Outpatient Environments” “Redefining the Experience-Driven Workplace” Sheryl Schulze, Ian Zapata “18 Designers Share Hopes, Fears, and Disruptors Nicholas Watkins and Kyle Sellers “How to Make Your Office an Experience Multiplier” Brian Stromquist, Nena Martin, Ian Zapata for 2022” “Gensler’s Latest Design Forecast Is Also a Call to Action” Andy Cohen Urban Land Jordan Goldstein Andy Cohen, Diane Hoskins “Texas Opens Moody Center Arena With Modern Design For Basketball, Concerts” “Stranded Assets: Realizing the Potential of Old Malls “Green the Supply Chain with Better Building Materials” Jonathan Emmett, Laura Brodersen, Kirk Funkhouser and Abandoned Office Parks” Andy Cohen Business Insider Joe Brancato Architectural Record “Andy Cohen, Co-CEO of Architecture Giant Gensler, Says the Ability to Choose Will Shape Offices and Careers “Willis Tower Transformation by Gensler” of the Future” Benjy Ward, Michael Townsend Andy Cohen Interior Design “The Role of Circular Materials and Construction “Employee Engagement Is the Key to Business “Gensler Explores Building the Materials of Tomorrow” “Great Workplace Design Can Combat the Practices in Reducing Carbon Emissions” Transformation According to Executives From IBM, Chad Yoshinobu ‘Great Resignation’” Amanda Carroll Gensler, and Huge” Andy Cohen Andy Cohen, Diane Hoskins Middle East Consultant “Climate Disclosure Mandates Will Irreversibly Transform Associated Press Real Estate — and Supercharge the Low-Carbon Market” Diane Hoskins “Designing With Purpose” “New Offices for the Hybrid Era? Many Companies Commercial Tim Martin Are on Board” Property Advisor “BMW and the Biggest Architecture Firm in the World Jordan Goldstein Have a Vision for the Post-Gas, Electric Future” Morning Brew “What Will Future Lab Space Look Like?” Jordan Goldstein Erik Lustgarten, Chad Yoshinobu “Why Stores — Like One Permanent Pop-Up — Should Be Designed More Like Lego Sets” Lara Marrero “Why Brick-and-Mortar Retail Should Consider Moving Into Mixed-Use Developments” J.F. Finn III, Ben Tranel The Wall Street Journal Globe St. The Economist BBC “Raise Residential Taxes? Bring in Casinos? Cities Look “Pay It Forward: ‘We are a Constellation of Stars Because “The Office of the Future” at Ways to Bolster Budgets” “The Office Spaces Transforming Into Luxury Apartments” of Our Shared Leadership Model’” Robin Klehr Avia Joe Brancato Steven Paynter Diane Hoskins and Andy Cohen 116 FIRM HIGHLIGHTS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 117

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