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The impact of Gensler’s Our people-first approach also extends into our local Gensler office around the world, our people donate their time, people-first culture extends to communities. As stewards of those communities, we are keenly skills, and passion to their communities through volunteer focused on how we can design impactful, meaningful projects service and pro bono and low bono work. We believe that when our communities. that benefit the people who live in them. Every day, in every we put people first, we make the world a better place. ACCESS Gensler partnered with Access Gallery to GALLERY redesign its 1,500-square-foot studio and gallery, resulting in a more functional, flexible, Denver and accessible space for individuals with disabilities, teachers, and visitors. Access Gallery, Denver Housing & Homelessness The Environment Gensler’s community impact model revolves around four key We’re committed to finding and creating housing solutions for urban Gensler is committed to building more resilient and sustainable themes. communities facing the crises of homelessness, displacement, and buildings, communities, and cities and developing innovative and lack of workforce housing. sustainable practices to mitigate the effects of climate change and combat its root causes. Through uncertain and challenging times, our people have stepped up to meet pressing needs in our global communities through the firm’s Community Impact initiative. This platform encourages offices to dedicate at least 80% of their Health & Wellness The Next Generation Community Impact resources to one or more of our four themes: housing and homelessness, health and wellness, the environment, and the next generation, while the remaining 20% allows for new Gensler is dedicated to building healthy places that will blend Through partnerships with programs such as ACE Mentor Program, opportunities and innovative ideas. functionality and comfort and improve measurable health outcomes NOMA, and City Year, we’re supporting organizations and efforts for all users. that foster the well-being of children and the education and training of students for careers in architecture and design, ensuring a diverse and inclusive pipeline. 54 COMMUNITY IMPACT GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 55

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