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Design Resilience Greening the Supply Chain with Client Services for Climate Action Responsible Materials and Sustainability Strategies for Our Clients Gensler Co-CEO Diane Hoskins announced Gensler’s new global green The real estate industry is increasingly recognizing the potential materials specifications initiative at the 2021 United Nations Climate consequences and economic risks posed by climate change. Our Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland. This new effort is a Action & Sustainability practice offers sustainability consulting services We are taking strategic steps to ensure our clients have access to green collaboration with our partners along the supply chain that will emphasize and smart, effective climate action strategies for developers, building materials and key services while offering new research into the effects low-carbon materials and products for our clients so that they can meet owners, and tenants who want and need to minimize the operational and of climate change on people’s lives. their sustainability mandates, new building code requirements, and embodied carbon impacts of their owned and leased facilities. ongoing tenant demands for greener, healthier spaces. ERICSSON 5G This highly automated, efficient factory FACTORY OF showcases how manufacturing can THE FUTURE transition to a low-carbon future through a combination of energy use reduction, Lewisville, Texas on-site renewables, and clean power. A Framework for Environmental Preparedness Experiential Preparedness Equitable Preparedness Economic Preparedness Design Resilience Climate change and resilience are interconnected issues affecting our • Minimizing carbon emissions while • Taking action that enhances quality • Ensuring that our actions create greater • Planning as you face climate events for environment, our economy, and our society. In order to make meaningful also investing in ecosystem preservation of life and human health, well-being, equity by prioritizing the needs and business continuity, efficiency and value progress, we created a framework that looks at preparedness through four and restoration. and connection. challenges of our most marginalized creation, and extended service life related but distinct lenses: • Minimizing the amount of new carbon • Promoting cultural resilience and communities. of projects. emitted into the environment. preparedness. • Focusing on communities that are already • Incentives or cost recovery vehicles for • Reducing the resource needs/impact of • Creating places that improve human health, feeling the most negative impacts from adaption/resilience upgrades. new development. well-being, and social connection. climate change. • Prioritizing investments in energy and • Investing in natural capital and greening • Creating awareness and optimism in • Addressing the impacts of climate change resource efficiency and adaption. our communities. our communities. on local and regional identity. • Addressing insurability and long-term • Supporting/preserving local ecologies value of real estate. and resources. 102 CLIMATE ACTION GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 103

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