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STAGING An area of isolation, based on 2x the height of the “H” in “Harley-Davidson” allows the logo to command visual attention. No design element or typography may be placed within this area. FEDERAL TRADEMARK SYMBOL DISPLAY (U.S. ONLY) The primary placement of the ® is within the “MotorClothes American Legend” logo, and centered below the “O” in “Harley-Davidson,” so that it is legible and noticeable. AUTHORIZATION Asanauthorizeduser,youhave accesstoHarley-Davidson artwork provided on the Dealer Ad Planner CD-Rom and h-dnet. You can obtain these materials through your contact at the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. 5 COLORS ON DARK BACKGROUNDS IMPROPER USAGE Do not alter the dimensions or change the proportions of the MotorClothes™ logo. This can be ensured by locking the dimen- sions when you are resizing artwork. Do not make alterations to, or substitutions for the words and/or colors contained within the logo. Use the artwork and colors as pro- vided in these guidelines. Three versions of the MotorClothes™ logo All three versions of the “MotorClothes are available: 4-color (cmyk), grayscale, and American Legend” logo were created for 1-color line art. use on both light and dark backgrounds. Never apply the logo to visually competitive backgrounds and avoid confining it within a shape.

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