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Employers Are Also Trying To Broaden Talent Pools in Both Professional and Frontline Jobs In our 2022 Tech Hiring Report, we described how unprecedented tightening in the labor markets saw employers trying to broaden their talent pools by reducing degree requirements and lowering expected certifications. As the markets continue to be candidate-friendly for both professional and frontline roles, we are seeing further attempts by employers to broaden their talent pipelines as much as possible. Frontline and professional roles are seeing a substantial reduction in degree requirements Degree requirements have reduced across the board from 2021 to 2022. We represent these changes as a percentage point change between the representation of jobs with each degree requirement in 2021 and 2022. For No Degree Required in the chart on the right, this is 61%-52% which is +9%. We are consistently seeing this across different types of frontline roles: ● All role types saw explicit degree requirements. ● Conversely, there was a significant decrease in roles requiring high school equivalent or associate degrees. In production & facilities roles, there was also a decrease in the proportion of jobs requiring any degrees. © Tapwage Inc 2022 16

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