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Employers Are Trying To Make Perks More Appealing in a Competitive Talent Market The talent market continues to be extraordinarily competitive both in the US and globally. The two areas that are consistently the most impacted are tech hiring (for both engineering and non-engineering roles like product management), as well as frontline hiring (e.g. retail, warehouse, and manufacturing). This has resulted in a range of perks and benefits focused on appealing to job seekers in this new environment. Professional jobs are increasingly providing perks and benefits relating to remote work The shift to remote work has also created opportunities for adapting benefits to be more in line with the way that people now work. We are seeing a substantial decrease in food (free in-office meals and snacks) and commuter benefits. Conversely, three remote benefits have increased substantially: ● Benefits focused on improving home office productivity such as stipends (either one-time or periodic) ● In-person company events such as offsites ● Work from anywhere (usually time-bound – such as one month in a year – to allow remote or hybrid employees to take full advantage of their wanderlust and travel internationally if they so choose) © Tapwage Inc 2022 13

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