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Remote and Hybrid Are Changing Employer Behavior Was the surge of remote jobs a pandemic-related phenomenon or was the pandemic a catalyst for a bigger shift in the way we work? The data is starting to suggest the latter, with remote jobs continuing the exponential shift deep into 2022. Despite the easing of public health restrictions in many locations, the pandemic-related increase in the adoption of remote work has not significantly reversed, indicating that remote work is a permanent feature of work life. Remote jobs continue to grow rapidly and account for 10% of all professional jobs – a 5x increase from 2019. Most remote roles have some form of a geographical restriction – typically country or state. City-based remote/work-from-home roles are popular, but this bleeds into the debate as to whether those roles can be truly considered remote versus hybrid. Remote jobs are most popular in North America In 2022, remote jobs are less popular outside of North America and Europe. In North America, remote jobs account for almost 1 in 7 professional jobs in the US and 1 in 10 professional jobs in Canada. Remote jobs are more popular in the UK than in continental Europe, accounting for 8% and 6% of professional jobs, respectively. © Tapwage Inc 2022 9

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