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Executive Summary Remote work is shifting the ground beneath hiring teams’ feet – for remote and non-remote jobs alike. We were curious about the impact it’s having on the hiring landscape as a whole. So we analyzed 30 million job posts and hiring outcomes from 2019 onwards to find out. In this report, we cover how remote jobs are impacting candidate pools and how employers are responding. We offer unique data and insights based on actual jobs and candidate behaviors (i.e., not surveys or anecdotes). And we offer helpful tips for attracting large, diverse candidate pools when hiring remote, hybrid, or onsite roles in this new landscape. This report confirms the obvious popularity of remote jobs. Candidate pools for remote jobs are both larger and more diverse than for non-remote jobs. Remote jobs attract 120% larger candidate pools and 120% more female candidates. Remote work has grown 400% since 2019, and today 4 in 5 companies offer remote or hybrid work (a new mix of onsite and remote). Home office stipends have more than doubled, and “work from anywhere” perks are getting more popular. Companies are learning on the fly (e.g., how to correctly title a remote or hybrid job). At the same time, some jobs require onsite work by their very nature (e.g., nurse, warehouse worker). Yet hiring for these roles has become more complicated since the emergence of remote work. Employers are responding by offering new incentives to candidates, including part-time hours, bonuses, and reduced degree requirements. Meanwhile, hovering over everything is COVID-19. Vaccine requirements have increased nearly 5x since 2021. However, they are far more common in North America than in Europe, in ‘blue’ US states than in ‘red’ ones and, perhaps counterintuitively, in office-type jobs than in warehouse- or healthcare-type jobs. These and the hundreds of other insights in this report are based on 30 million real-world job posts and hiring outcomes from over 10,000 employers and 122 different applicant tracking systems. © Tapwage Inc 2022 2

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