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Contents Sustainable Impact Footprint Integrity and human rights Supply chain responsibility Operations Products and solutions Appendix ESG material topics The following table summarizes issues determined to meet the ESG materiality threshold for this report. Issue Description GRI Standards topic(s) Topic boundary Location Climate Action Circular economy Managing product life cycles through design criteria and business models that: promote product Materials Supply chain Circular and net zero carbon economy serviceability and longevity; enable usage as a service; increase repair, reuse, recycling, recycled content, HP operations Product repair, reuse, and recycling and closed material loops; and dematerialize processes and products and reduce waste to landfill. Products and solutions Climate change resilience Working across our value chain and in collaboration with external partners to address the risks, No GRI-specific topics (GHG Supply chain Footprint opportunities, and impacts of climate change on our business, customers, the natural environment, emissions are addressed in HP operations Supply chain responsibility: Environmental impact: and society, with a focus on resilience and adaptation. next row) Products and solutions Greenhouse gas emissions Operations: Our facilities: Greenhouse gas emissions Decarbonization Improving energy efficiency, increasing renewable energy use, and reducing the GHG emissions of Energy Supply chain (first- and second-tier suppliers, Footprint HP's operations, including our owned and leased facilities and auto/aviation fleet, and our supply chain, Emissions Scope 3 emissions) Supply chain responsibility: Environmental impact: including product transportation and logistics. HP operations GHG emissions Operations: Our facilities: GHG emissions Packaging Decreasing the environmental impact of HP packaging, including by reducing materials use, increasing Materials Supply chain Packaging innovation the use of recycled and biodegradable materials, and eliminating deforestation and single-use plastic Products and solutions associated with packaging, where feasible. Paper and Forests Advancing more sustainable printing by HP and our customers through the sourcing, use, and recycling Materials Supply chain Renewable materials of paper and other printed materials, enabling more efficient printing practices, and addressing the Products and solutions Forest positive impacts of deforestation. Product energy efficiency Increasing the energy efficiency of HP products and services, and enabling customers to reduce Energy Products and solutions Products and solutions: Circular and net zero carbon energy use through efficient product fleets. economy: Energy efficiency Human Rights Diversity, equity, and Fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within our workforce, supply chain, and communities worldwide. Diversity and Equal Opportunity Supply chain Supplier diversity inclusion Building a workforce representative of our customer base and communities. HP operations Diversity, equity, and inclusion Products and solutions Human capital Attracting, retaining, and developing human capital to meet current and future business needs. Employment HP operations Employee engagement Providing compensation, benefits, and wellness programs that support engaged and productive Labor/Management Relations Employee development employees and promote work/life balance, as well as managing the negative impacts of workforce Training and Education Compensation and benefits reductions and relocations. Wellbeing Human rights: operations Respecting human rights throughout our value chain consistent with international norms, remedying Human Rights Assessment HP operations Human rights and downstream human rights abuses in our operations and the customer use of products and services where we Products and solutions caused or contributed to the impact. 98 2021 HP Sustainable Impact Report

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