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Contents Sustainable Impact Footprint Integrity and human rights Supply chain responsibility Operations Products and solutions Appendix Schedule of Supply Chain Audits, Assessments and Findings for the year ended October 31, 2021 Indicator name Scope Reported value Criteria Supplier audits and assessments completed, including percentage RBA9 Production suppliers provide materials and components for product manufacturing and also assemble HP Global In 2021, we completed 161 audits of production, nonproduction, Validated Assessment Program (VAP) audits and product transportation suppliers, and 24 other assessments products. Product transportation suppliers provide services for the shipping and delivery of HP products. of production suppliers. During the year, 88% of production Nonproduction suppliers provide goods and services that do not go into the production of HP products (such supplier audits were third-party certified RBA VAP audits. as staffing, telecommunications, and travel). Audits of production suppliers, product transportation suppliers, suppliers supporting HP manufacturing, and HP manufacturing sites follow the RBA Code of Conduct Audit Protocol 6.0. HP also participates in the RBA VAP, which uses independent external auditors to audit suppliers’ social and environmental responsibility performance against HP Supplier Code of Conduct requirements. The number of audits reported includes those that begin during the reporting year and for which the audit report is received by February of the subsequent year (e.g., received by February 2022 for reports conducted during FY21). Audit reports received after this date are included in the following year’s reported value. Other assessments include health and safety assessments, onboarding assessments, vulnerable worker group (student and foreign worker) assessments, KPI validation assessments, and priority screening assessments. Supplier audit finding rate for major nonconformances and priority findings Global 80 initial audits and full re-audits of production suppliers Immediate priority findings are the most serious type of supplier nonconformance and require immediate conducted in 2021 identified 14 immediate priority findings, action. These would include any priority nonconformances (as defined by the RBA VAP) identified related to equivalent to 0.18 per audit on average, and 528 other the following topics: child labor, forced labor, severe forms of discrimination, health and safety issues posing 10 nonconformances, equivalent to 6.6 per audit on average. immediate danger to life or risk of serious injury, perceived violation of environmental laws posing serious and immediate harm to the community, and falsified pay slips. Other nonconformances include all other priority nonconformances and all major nonconformances as defined by the RBA VAP. Note: Non-financial information is subject to measurement uncertainties resulting from limitations inherent in the nature and the methods used for determining such data. The selection of different but acceptable measurement techniques can result in materially different measurements. The precision of different measurement techniques may also vary. 9 Responsible Business Alliance 10 Other priority nonconformances and major nonconformances represent 3.6% and 96.4% of other nonconformances, respectively. 97 2021 HP Sustainable Impact Report

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