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Contents Sustainable Impact Footprint Integrity and human rights Supply chain responsibility Operations Products and solutions Appendix Human Rights Our mission minerals. We measure improved performance Sustainable Impact goals Create a powerful culture of diversity, through Supplier Responsibility Scorecards and develop capability-building programs that Goal Progress in 2021 SDGs equity, and inclusion. Advance human build essential worker and management skills to Empowered workers rights, social justice, and racial and empower our suppliers’ workforces. 16 8, 10 Double factory participation in our supply chain HP has achieved this goal, with a 114% increase through gender equality across our ecosystem, We recognize the fundamental importance of sustainability programs by 2025, compared to 2015 2021, compared to 2015 (therefore, we will not report on this raising the bar for all. goal moving forward). Learn more. privacy, security, and data protection, which Reach 1 million workers through worker empowerment Through 2021, we reached 349,000 workers. Learn more. 8, 10 are critical pillars of brand trust. We design programs by 2030, since the beginning of 201517 How we’re driving progress these principles into our products, services, and 18 8, 10 operations, and strive to exceed legal minimums Assure respect for labor-related human rights for 100% of In 2021, we continued to conduct human rights assessments We believe in creating a culture of inclusion, our key contracted manufacturing suppliers and higher-risk of our key contracted manufacturers. We intend to report across all of our operations. next-tier suppliers, by 2030 assurance calculations for 2022. Learn more. equality, and empowerment for our employees. Social justice, racial and gender equity We also believe in creating a platform for HP was built on the values of diversity, equity, human rights that extends beyond HP, where we Achieve 50/50 gender equality in HP leadership, by 203019 Women represented 32.5% of director-level and above 5 inclusion, fairness, and equality. Fostering this positions globally (as of October 31, 2021). Learn more. advocate for universal rights, strive for policies culture within our business and across our value that fight racism, and advance social justice chain is a business imperative and is essential Achieve greater than 30% technical women and women in Women represented 22.7% of engineering and technology 5 around the globe. engineering, by 2030 positions globally (as of October 31, 2021). Learn more. to serving our customers globally. HP’s Board 20 of Directors is one of the most diverse of any Double the number of Black/African American executives Increased by 33%, compared with 2020—about one-third of 8 Our human rights policies and practices advance by 2025, from a 2020 baseline the way to achieving the goal. Learn more. our commitment to upholding human rights and U.S. technology company. We encourage our Double Black/African American technical representation in Increased Black/African American technical representation 8 engaging with rights holders. Through our due suppliers and business partners to commit the United States by 2025, from a 2020 baseline in the United States from 2.3% to 2.6%. Learn more. diligence process, assessments, and audits, we to diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, and to Meet or exceed labor market representation for racial/ethnic Researched labor market data to determine benchmarks 8 identify issues that are salient to HP and then build the pipeline for diverse talent. We innovate minorities in the United States, by 2030 and baselines (in process). Learn more. determine how to address impacts. to create inclusive technology that affirms Culture of inclusion and belonging human dignity, promotes independence, and Maintain higher than 90% rating on internal inclusion index Achieved a rating of 87%, compared with 89% in 2020. 8 unleashes creativity. 21 HP relies on one of the IT industry’s largest supply for all employee demographics annually Learn more. chains, and in our supply agreements we require We are committed to embracing a culture that Ethics that all workers receive fair treatment, freely is not only against racism but actively anti- Maintain greater than 99% completion rate of annual 99.2% of employees, including senior executives, completed 16 chosen employment, and safe working conditions. Integrity at HP training among active HP employees and the Integrity at HP training, as well as all members of the Board racist, and to using HP’s platform, technology, Board of Directors22 of Directors. Learn more. Through our supply chain responsibility program, and resources as a force for positive change. we work to improve labor conditions within We accelerate this work through the HP supplier factories and tackle industry-wide Racial Equality and Social Justice Task Force. challenges such as forced labor and conflict Learn more. 8 2021 HP Sustainable Impact Report

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