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Contents Sustainable Impact Footprint Integrity and human rights Supply chain responsibility Operations Products and solutions Appendix Digital Equity Our mission we aspire to help pave the way toward a more Sustainable Impact goals Lead in activating and innovating holistic equitable world where women and girls, people with disabilities and aging populations, historically Goal Progress in 2021 SDGs solutions that break down the digital excluded and marginalized communities, and Digital Equity divide that prevents many from accessing educators and healthcare practitioners have 23 access to the technology and resources they Accelerate digital equity for 150 million people by 2030, Accelerated digital equity for 4.3 million people. Learn more. 4, 5, 8 the education, jobs, and healthcare since the beginning of 2021 needed to thrive. Drive digital inclusion need to ensure their voices are heard. Enroll 1.5 million HP LIFE users between 2016 and 2030 Enrolled 533,000 since 2016. Learn more. 4, 5, 8 to transform lives and communities. We plan to achieve this through impactful Learning outcomes programs, strategic investments, and partnerships. Enable better learning outcomes24 for 100 million people 74.3 million students and adult learners have benefited 4, 5, 8 How we’re driving progress For example, we are supporting nonprofit NABU’s by 2025, since the beginning of 2015 from HP’s education programs and solutions that advance work to improve childhood literacy in marginalized quality learning and digital literacy, and enable better Nearly half of the world’s population remains learning outcomes, since the beginning of 2015 (including communities through books in children’s native 24 million in 2021). Learn more. unconnected to the internet and locked out of languages. We continue enhancing the HP Community opportunity, including vital access to education, Foundation’s free HP LIFE program to make healthcare, and economic opportunity. Contribute US$100 million in HP Foundation and employee Reached US$73.4 million in HP Foundation and employee 11, 17 entrepreneurial skill building more accessible to all. community giving25 community giving. Learn more. by 2025 (cumulative since the beginning In 2021, HP set a goal to accelerate digital equity of 2016) Along with our strategic partners, our employees Contribute 1.5 million employee volunteering hours by 2025 Reached 692,000 employee volunteering hours. 11, 17 for 150 million people by 2030. Through the Digital contribute their time, resources, and skills to (cumulative since the beginning of 2016) Learn more. Equity Accelerator (launched in early 2022), provide important support to local communities. HP’S RESPONSE TO COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged businesses large and small, local experts and public health leaders, and regularly review and update them donating PCs, printers, and displays. In support of our goal to accelerate and national governments, families, and individuals in ways few of us could to reflect the best, most current information available. digital equity, we provided technology and other support to underserved have imagined. students and families through Parents Supporting Parents. Learn more As conditions allow, we are moving into our next phase of return to office about HP’s community giving and volunteerism. The wellbeing of our employees and their families has remained a top planning and are beginning to fully reopen HP offices on a site-by-site priority. With many of our employees working from home, we have basis in line with local health and safety regulations. US$389,000 167,000+ initiatives that promote physical and mental health and work/life balance, including through HP Spirit and Well Beyond. At our sites, we’ve put in In 2021, HP and the HP Foundation continued to support impacted in HP Foundation grants related COVID-19 vaccinations given place global policies and protocols based on guidance from healthcare communities around the world, contributing financial resources and to COVID-19 through HP’s CSR India team 9 2021 HP Sustainable Impact Report

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