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19 2021-22 Corporate Responsibility Report Our global supply chain supports internal partners across architecture, product design, technology development, manufacturing and operations, sales and marketing, and business units, and our supply ecosystem comprises thousands of suppliers globally. Our mission is to enable product and process leadership, industry-leading total cost of ownership, and uninter - rupted supply for our customers. In addition to our own manufacturing capacity, we continue to expand our use of third-party foundries. Human Capital. Our human capital strategy is grounded in our belief that our people are fundamental to our success. Delivering on our IDM 2.0 strategy and growth ambitions requires attracting, developing, and retaining top talent from across the world. The digitization of everything is driving growth and global demand for semiconductors. Combined with the tightening labor market and economic recovery from COVID-19, this has driven a significant increase in competition throughout the industry to attract and retain talent—especially technical talent. We invest significant resources to develop the talent needed to remain at the forefront of innovation and make Intel an employer of choice. We offer extensive training programs and provide rotational assignment opportunities. We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where the world’s best engineers and technologists can fulfill their dreams and create technology that improves the life of every person on the planet. We invest in our highly skilled workforce of through creating practices, programs and benefits that support the evolving world of work and our employees’ needs. Social and Relationship Capital. We are committed to engaging in corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives that support our communities and help us develop trusted relationships with our stakeholders. Proactive engagement with our stakeholders and investments in social impact initiatives, including those aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals , advance our position as a leading corporate citizen and create shared value for Intel, our global supply chain, and our communities. We provide high-skill, high-paying jobs around the world. Many of these are manufacturing and R&D jobs located in our own domestic and international factories. We also benefit economies through our R&D ecosystem spending, sourcing activities, consumer spending by our employees, and tax payments. In addition, we make sizable capital investments and provide leadership in public-private partnerships to spur economic growth and innovation. We also aim to empower people through education and advance social initiatives to create career pathways into the technology industry. In addition to the direct employment Intel’s operations provide, our operational spending, capital investment, and distribution channel support additional jobs. We engage third-party organizations to conduct analyses of the economic impact of our operations, including a  US impact study in 2021 that found that for every US Intel job, Intel’s economic activity in the US indirectly supports an additional 13 jobs. For more information on our social and relationship capital, see “ Stakeholder Engagement ” and “ Supply Chain Responsibility ” later in this section. Natural Capital. Driving to the lowest possible environmental footprint as we grow helps us create efficiencies, lower costs, and respond to the needs of our stakeholders. We invest in sustainability projects and set company-wide environmental targets to drive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water use, and waste generation. We build energy efficiency into our products to help our customers lower their own emissions and energy costs, and we collaborate with policymakers and other stakeholders to use technology to address environmental challenges. For more information, see the Sustainable  section of this report. We consider numerous indicators in determining the success of our capital deployment in creating value. The above graphic shows highlights of value created through 2021. 4  See “ Non-GAAP Financial Measures ” in the Appendix.  Introduction Responsible Inclusive Sustainable Enabling Appendix Our Business

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