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20 2021-22 Corporate Responsibility Report Our People and Culture We invest significant resources to build a diverse, inclusive, and safe work environ - ment to attract, develop, and retain the talent needed to remain at the forefront of innovation. Our workforce is highly skilled, with approximately 89% serving in technical roles. Intel’s Human Resources (HR) organization has primary responsibility for our workplace and talent development activities, and HR systems and processes. In 2021, the organization completed long-range planning to define HR’s purpose and strategy in line with our business strategy. HR’s purpose is to deliver talent through the employee life cycle to accelerate Intel’s growth and enable a culture of empowerment, inclusion, and accountability. Our executive leadership team is held accountable each quarter to update prog - ress on workforce representation. Detailed information on our diversity and inclusion initiatives is available on our Diversity and Inclusion website and in the Inclusive section of this report. Evolving Our Culture Fostering a culture of empowerment, inclusion, and accountability is core to our IDM 2.0 strategy. We are focused on adapting our culture to strengthen our execution and accelerate our cadence of innovation. Our evolution requires new and different thinking, actions, and integrated systems and processes. We have evolved our performance management system to support our culture evolution and increase our focus on disciplined goal setting and results. We are working to expand our growth mindset, increase accountability around shared company goals, implement new operational protocols, and renew a sense of purpose and value to create an environment for innovation and growth. The Intel Values inspire us and are key to delivering on our purpose. This year, we added a new value—results driven—as we seek to return to our roots of innovation and execution, making data-driven decisions quickly and setting disciplined goals that drive business results. All employees are responsible for upholding these values, the Intel Code of Conduct , and the Intel Global Human Rights Principles , which form the foundation of our policies and practices and ethical business culture. Intel Values Customer first. We listen, learn, and anticipate our customers’ needs. We deliver to our customer commitments with simplicity, clarity, and speed. We nurture partnerships and foster growing ecosystems. Fearless innovation. We take informed risks together, learn and pivot quickly from mistakes to be better, faster, smarter. We continuously improve, enabling us to be more curious, bold, and innovative. We are competitively paranoid to anticipate change and disrupt markets. Results driven. We prioritize, focus, and execute flawlessly with urgency. We make data-driven decisions with intellectual honesty and constructive debate; we disagree and commit. We assume responsibility to deliver long-term stakeholder value. One Intel. We commit to team success, doing what’s best for Intel. We recognize, respect, and build trust with each other. We value and grow passionate, empowered teams. Inclusion. We value diversity and embrace differences. We build inclusive teams where everyone does their best work, celebrates, and has fun. We care and make a difference to each other and our communities. Quality. We are disciplined to deliver products and services that our customers and partners can always rely on. We set and achieve high quality and security standards. We cultivate talent to do the right things right. Integrity. We are truthful and transparent and act with uncompromising integrity. We ensure a safe and healthy workplace. We shape technology as a force for good. As of December 27, 2021, we had 121,100 employees worldwide in more than 50 countries and territories. A list of sites with more than 50 employees is included on the Report Builder website. Asia Pacific United States, Canada, and Latin America Europe, Middle East, Africa 51% 32% 17% 2021 Employees by Region Introduction Responsible Inclusive Sustainable Enabling Appendix Our Business

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