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Human Capital At JPMorgan Chase, our people drive our success in serving our customers, clients and communities. Our human capital strategy is focused on attracting, developing and retaining the diverse talent we need to advance our business today and into the future. We invest across the employee life cycle – from recruiting and employee development to engagement, compensation and benefits – to build a diverse team and inclusive culture where our employees across the globe are welcomed, valued and able to bring their full selves and best work forward. Attracting the Best People We strive to attract and recruit the best talent for all roles across the Firm. Our goal is to maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce reflective of the communities we serve, and we are focused on hiring talent with a wide range of characteristics – including diversity related to gender, ethnicity, military service, LGBT+ status and disabilities, as well as diverse perspectives and skill sets. To find and select a diverse pool of talented candidates, we are committed to sourcing from underrepresented communities and establishing strategic partnerships and programs to create new pathways for candidates with less traditional backgrounds. Diverse slates are an important consideration in our comprehensive recruiting efforts and are tracked and monitored by the Firm. In hiring new employees, managers and recruiters are expected to consider a diverse slate of candidates. Diverse slates are defined – in the U.S. – as no less than one woman and one ethnically diverse candidate (defined as Equal Employment Opportunity Commission classifications other than White) and – outside the U.S. – as including no less than one woman. EARLY CAREER TALENT A robust pipeline of diverse talent at entry levels is essential to creating a representative workforce – and ensuring our Firm has access to a broad pool of talent to meet our long-term needs. We have a competitive recruiting program which includes summer internships, apprenticeships and full-time hiring. We focus on expanding diversity in our traditional internship programs and operate more than 70 Emerging Talent Programs globally that specifically focus on recruiting people who are often underrepresented in typical talent channels. 2021 Early Career Recruitment Program Highlights 21 21 Information on EEO race/ethnicity categories, gender, LGBT+, veteran status and disability status is based on self-identification and self-disclosure. Unless otherwise indicated, information on EEO race/ethnicity is presented as a percentage of the respective U.S.-based population who self-identified race/ethnicity and information on gender is presented as a percentage of the respective global population who self-identified gender; information on LGBT+, veteran status and disability status is presented as a percentage of the respective total U.S.-based population. 30 INTRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIAL Feature: Our Commitment to Racial Equity Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Human Capital Inclusive Growth GOVERNANCE ESG REPORT APPENDICES Nearly 3,000 summer interns 50% of 2021 intern class were women, globally 62% of 2021 intern class in the U.S. identified as Black, Hispanic or Asian 1,000 hires through 43 Emerging Talent programs that focus on diverse candidates More than 270 early career software engineer hires recruited from educational pipelines outside of a traditional degree path 4,192 Black students hired as apprentices, interns and full-time analysts since establishing our goal in 2019 to hire 4,000 Black students by 2024, putting us ahead of our goal three years into our five-year target 111 apprentices hired through our degree apprenticeship program in the U.K, which provides an entryway into the Firm for candidates from high school and an opportunity to study for a college degree at no cost them while working and earning a salary. The program attracts students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds Nearly 200 hires through Emerging Talent Apprenticeship programs, up 50% from 2020

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