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OFFICE OF LGBT+ AFFAIRS Building on the Firm’s long-standing support for the LGBT+ community, in 2021 we created the Office of LGBT+ Affairs focused on advancing careers and a culture of inclusion, supporting LGBT+ owned businesses, providing financial health awareness and education and driving progress on equity and inclusion for the LGBT+ community globally. For our LGBT+ employees, we are focused on full-cycle talent management, accountability and best-in- class policies, practices and benefits, with an equal focus on allyship and intersectionality. In 2021, we greatly advanced representation, increasing LGBT+ self-identification by 50% year-over-year globally and expanding membership and engagement in the LGBT+ Executive Forum, a consortium of senior leaders who self-identify as LGBT+ and serve as advocates for the LGBT+ community, by 85% to over 370 LGBT+ Managing Directors and Executive Directors. LGBT+ Affairs made a $5 million philanthropic commitment, $1 million to each of five U.S. nonprofits, to support their efforts to drive economic inclusion for LGBT+ youth, workforce and elder communities. We also made a $500,000 commitment to StartOut for the expansion of their Pride U.S. Economic Inclusion Index, providing insights for LGBT+ and other diverse entrepreneurs, as well as $250,000 of additional LGBT+ focused grants and sponsorships globally, including in the U.K., Philippines, Argentina and India. WOMEN ON THE MOVE JPMorgan Chase has long focused on the empowerment and advancement of our women employees. Launched as a grassroots employee effort in 2013, Women on the Move ("WOTM") became a formal team in 2018 dedicated to helping women inside and outside of the Firm. WOTM focuses on three strategic pillars: expand women-run businesses, improve women's financial health and empower women's career growth. In 2021, WOTM launched Curated Coaching for Entrepreneurs, which provides free, one-on-one coaching for women small business owners. Through the program, we connect entrepreneurs – whether or not they are a Chase customer – with business experts from a woman-founded, woman-led business advisory firm. We served more than 700 women small business owners through the program in 2021. We also launched a collaboration with the Techstars to create the Founder Catalyst Program, which provides pre-accelerator startup education and mentorship to women entrepreneurs. We trained one cohort of women founders in Atlanta in 2021 and will continue with another cohort of 20 women in the Washington, DC area in 2022. Through our Careers and Skills programming, we engaged more than 7,000 female employees across all levels and geographies through our Women on the Move Fast Forward career development program, and another 1,200 employees through a newly-launched career development program targeting Vice President and Associate level employees. 29 INTRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIAL Feature: Our Commitment to Racial Equity Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Human Capital Inclusive Growth GOVERNANCE ESG REPORT APPENDICES

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