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Exceptional client service 1. Focus on the customer 2. Be field and client driven and operate at the local level 3. Build world-class franchises, investing for the long term, to serve our clients Operational excellence 4. Set the highest standards of performance 5. Demand financial rigor and risk discipline; We will always maintain a fortress balance sheet 6. Strive for the best internal governance and controls 7. Act and think like owners and partners 8. Strive to build and maintain the best, most efficient systems and operations 9. Be disciplined in everything we do 10. Execute with both skill and urgency A commitment to integrity, fairness and responsibility 11. Do not compromise our integrity 12. Face facts 13. Have fortitude 14. Foster an environment of respect, inclusiveness, humanity and humility 15. Help strengthen the communities in which we live and work A great team and winning culture 16. Hire, train and retain great, diverse employees 17. Build teamwork, loyalty and morale 18. Maintain an open, entrepreneurial meritocracy for all 19. Communicate honestly, clearly and consistently 20. Strive to be good leaders How We Do Business We strive to operate a thriving company that we can be proud of and to support a sustainable and inclusive economy. Fulfilling these goals rests on staying true to our core business principles: delivering exceptional client service, operational excellence, fairness and responsibility, a commitment to integrity and building a great team and winning culture. Doing all of this well is the underpinning of our Firm’s long-term success – and therefore of our ability to continue to deliver for all our stakeholders – customers and clients, employees, community, and shareholders. Our Business Principles are described below. JPMORGAN CHASE BUSINESS PRINCIPLES 4 INTRODUCTION Message from Our Chairman & CEO Company at a Glance Our Approach to ESG Feature: Our $2.5 Trillion Sustainable Development Target ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIAL GOVERNANCE ESG REPORT APPENDICES

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