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Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Index The index below includes disclosures related to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) sector standards that are relevant to our business: Asset Management & Custody Activities; Commercial Banks; Consumer Finance; Investment Banking & Brokerage; and Mortgage Finance. Unless otherwise noted, all data and descriptions apply to our entire firm and are as of or for the year ended December 31, 2021. For additional information about the firm’s financial performance, please refer to the firm’s quarterly earnings materials as well as quarterly and annual reports on Form 10-Q and Form 10-K , respectively. Source Key 2021 Form 10-K 2021 ESG Report Code of Conduct 2022 Proxy Statement Code of Ethics for Finance Professionals Weblinks Corporate Governance Principles Metric Code Metric Source TOPICS IN MULTIPLE SECTOR STANDARDS TOPIC: BUSINESS ETHICS F N - A C-2 7 0 a . 2 F N - A C- 5 1 0 a . 1 FN-CB-510a.1 FN-CF-220a.2 FN-CF-270a.5 FN-IB-510a.1 FN-IB-510b.3 FN-MF-270a.3 FN-MF-270b.2 Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal procee dings associated with: • Marketing and communication of financial product-related information to new and returning customers • Fraud, insider trading, anti-trust, anti- competitive behavior, market manipulation, malpractice or other related financial industry laws or regulations • Customer privacy • Selling and servicing of products • Professional integrity, including duty of care • Communications to customers or remuneration of loan originators • Discriminatory mortgage lending 2021 Form 10-K (Note 30 p. 290–293) Note on the Firm’s legal proceedings: JPMorgan Chase & Co. and/or its subsidiaries (collectively, the "firm") are defendants or putative defendants in numerous legal proceedings, including private civil litigations and regula- tory/government investigations. The litigations range from individual actions involving a single plaintiff to class action lawsuits with potentially millions of class members and cover a wide range of issues. Investigations involve both formal and informal proceedings, by both govern- mental agencies and self-regulatory organizations. These legal proceedings are at varying stages of adjudication, arbitration or investigation, and involve each of the firm's lines of business and geographies and a wide variety of claims (including common law tort and contract claims and statutory antitrust, securities and consumer protec- tion claims), some of which present novel legal theories. Based on current knowledge, the firm believes it has asserted meritorious defenses to the claims asserted against it in its currently outstanding legal proceedings, intends to defend itself vigorously in all such matters. For further discussion, please refer to JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s publicly filed disclosures, including its most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K and Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (available at: https://jpmorganchaseco.gcs- ). F N - A C- 5 1 0 a . 2 FN-CB-510a.2 FN-IB-510a.2 Description of whistleblower policies and procedures Code of Conduct 2021 ESG Report (p. 57) TO P IC: DATA SECURITY FN-CB-230a.2 FN-CF-230a.3 Description of approach to identifying and address - ing data security risks 2021 Form 10-K (p. 7, 144–145) 2021 ESG Report (p. 55–56) TO P IC: EMPLOYEE DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION F N - A C-3 3 0 a . 1 FN-IB-330a.1 Percentage of gender and racial/ethnic group repre - sentation for (1) executive management, (2) non-ex - ecutive management, (3) professionals and (4) all other employees 2021 ESG Report (p. 26) 70 INTRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIAL GOVERNANCE ESG REPORT APPENDICES List of Acronyms Resources Global Reporting Initiative Index Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Index JPMorgan Chase Sustainable Bond Annual Report

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