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Sustainability For Our For Our Creating Value For the For Our Managing Appendix at MetLife Workforce Customers as an Investor Environment Communities Responsibly 2021 METLIFE AND METLIFE FOUNDATION SUPPORT FOR ECORISE 20,328 Empowering youth Partnering for positive change EcoRise is a school-based program to MetLife leverages customer marketing and students indirectly impacted empower youth to tackle real-world communication to understand priorities challenges in their schools and communities and collaborate on ways to reduce by teaching environmental literacy, social environmental impact. See Reducing innovation and hands-on design skills. Through Paper and Waste—Going Digital for 3,360 this partnership, MetLife Foundation provides more information. students directly impacted grant funding for the program, and MetLife MetLife also collaborates with external employees have the knowledge and skills organizations that are focused on climate to inspire and educate students to become action. MetLife is a founding member of the involved in environmental stewardship in Climate Leadership Council, an international 60 their schools and communities. policy institute founded in collaboration teachers supported (enrolled/trained) with business and environmental leaders to promote a carbon dividends framework as a cost-effective and equitable tool in our climate solutions toolbox. We engage 30 and support a variety of advocacy and schools served in seven cities industry groups, such as the U.S. Green Building Council, the Geneva Association, and Institute for International Finance Sustainable Finance Working Group, and 7 collaborate on monitoring and managing climate risks through globally recognized MetLife volunteers participated at frameworks and initiatives. three student project showcases 4 > Student Innovation Grants awarded (over $1,600 total) 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 62

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