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Sustainability For Our For Our Creating Value For the For Our Managing Appendix at MetLife Workforce Customers as an Investor Environment Communities Responsibly GLOBAL TREE-PLANTING INITIATIVES + 200,000 total trees planted since 2020 Reaching our tree-planting goal around the world EXAMPLES 1 3 5 7 9 In Mexico, we planted almost In Argentina, we planted In Spain, approximately 25% of the In Romania, we planted 10,000 In India, we planted more than 20,000 trees as part of two 600 trees in partnership MetLife workforce, in partnership trees for policies sold as part 14,000 saplings to add around programs, one with the nonprofit with ReforestArg. with the Arbor Day Foundation, of our “Tree of Life” insurance 24 acres of green through our Reforestamos and another with planted 854 total trees in an area program, in partnership with our “Glow Green” initiative. the Arbor Day Foundation. In both where natural forests have been pension products and providers. cases, we encouraged employees lost to fires. to “adopt a tree.” 2 4 6 8 10 In the U.S., 20 employees in In Uruguay, we planted 100 trees In Hungary, we partnered with In Turkey, we donated 10,000 trees In Korea, 1,800 trees were planted Tampa, Florida, worked with —one tree per local employee— the Hungarian Association of in 2021 to reforest areas destroyed to honor those who participated in 200 other volunteers to plant in the public park of Punta del Executives and Főkert Budapest by fires in the Hatay region. The the Korea School Challenge. 1,250 longleaf pines. Diablo, Rocha, with the Plantatón to plant 1,200 saplings. saplings will be planted through Uruguay initiative. the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion. 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 61

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