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A Letter From Jyoti Chopra Jyoti Chopra CHIEF PEOPLE, INCLUSION AND SUSTAINABILITY OFFICER For MGM Resorts, 2021 was a year of recovery and reinvention. We spent our days confronting MGM Resorts is a company diversely comprised of wonderful, hard-working creative people a distorted labor market and supply chain landscape while rethinking and reshaping the way we all striving to achieve our collective aims. We have a long history of focusing on what matters do business along the way. to our stakeholders, including the establishment, pursuit and achievement of goals that enrich our communities, safeguard our planet and leave behind a better world for all. We remain as For our employees, the story is one of perseverance and overcoming obstacles. Our guest- committed as ever to these principles and to further elevating our aims and accomplishments in facing staff found ways to creatively “say yes” to our customers during a slow but steady ramp this space. up to normal operations. Our corporate employees and leaders worked behind the scenes to maintain and improve upon the framework of support that underpins our commitment to I hope this report provides you with valuable insight into how and why we’ve established our excellent guest service. Collectively, their tireless efforts carried us through a transformative global leadership goals and where we stand in achieving them. We are, as always, committed to year and made us a stronger, more resilient company poised for growth and achievement in the transparency around our Social Impact & Sustainability policies as well as providing disclosures years to come. The executive leadership team is enormously grateful to all our employees for in directional alignment with prevailing third-party ESG frameworks. their exceptional contributions. Please note that this year’s document is an Executive Summary. Supplementary reports with Over the course of the past year, we committed ourselves to listening to and learning from our more thorough details and specific data can be found on the company’s social impact and employees to better understand our culture and organizational identity. Through this work, we sustainability section on discovered and distilled a common language that unites us across properties, regions and roles. Our past and ongoing success is a product of our deep commitment to the customers we serve and the colleagues alongside whom we work. Who we are can be summed up in our cultural values, where we desire to: • Captivate our audience through WOW! experiences. • Inspire excellence in one another by pursuing high standards. • Champion inclusion for all people, groups, and identities. • Win together by collaborating in all things and celebrating our shared success. The Park MGM Pool Operations Team was named MGM Resorts’ SHOW Service Excellence Award winner for the second quarter of 2021. The team was selected for its work in driving excellent guest service, promoting engagement, improving processes and fostering a culture of recognition. MGM Resorts International / 3

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