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Motorola toolkit Logo size & position 27 02.06.2017 I Profile I Gallery I Image Y Cover Y Video Logo sizes Format Format Motorola Lenovo dimensions logo logo width height (px) (px) (px) FB* Profile 180 x 180 149 N/A FB* Cover 828 x 315 214 80 FB* Image 1200 x 630 329 123 I Profile 110 x 110 60 N/A I Gallery 161 x 161 90 N/A I Image 1080 x 1080 375 140 Y Cover 2560 x 1440 630 235 Y Video 1280 x 760 362 135 *FB = Facebook Social media: Small scale logo Small size logo colors At small sizes, ensure the Motorola logo uses a more vibrant color than the Lenovo logo. The Lenovo logo color should pick-up on a secondary color used within the photography. Platform logo adjustments The Motorola logo should always be visible regardless of display. Adjustments may need to be made for some platforms, e.g. YouTube requires the Motorola logo to be moved so that it is still seen on mobile displays. Facebook Profile Facebook Image Facebook Cover

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