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2021 marked a year of significant progress for Netflix in terms of addressing our emissions and incorporating sustainability into our core business practices. ENTITY-DEFINED MEASURE OF USER ACTIVITY Subscribers 204 million 222 million TC-IM-000.A 26,196 100% 100% 68,089 100% 100% 33,407 100% 100% 123,148 100% 100% TC-IM-130a.1 TC-IM-130a.3 ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT OF HARDWARE INFRASTRUCTURE 1 ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT OF REMAINING SCOPE 2 3 Total energy consumed (MWh) 2 Percentage grid electricity Percentage renewable Total energy consumed (MWh) Percentage grid electricity Percentage renewable Discussion of the integration of environmental considerations into strategic planning for data center needs Page 10-11 Environmental TOPIC TOPIC ACTIVITY METRIC - INTERNET MEDIA & SERVICES 2020 2021 2020 2021 SASB CODE SASB CODE ACCOUNTING METRICS - INTERNET MEDIA & SERVICES 3 1 This topic, “Environmental Footprint of Hardware Infrastructure” is a SASB requirement for “Internet Media & Services” companies. 2 Only includes Scope 2 hardware infrastructure, i.e. Netflix-operated Open Connect Appliances in colocation data centers, which represent approximately 1/10th of Scope 2 and 3 data center electricity use (all Open Connect and AWS combined). 3 While SASB only requires reporting for the “Environmental Footprint of Hardware Infrastructure,” Netflix has opted to report on its other Scope 2 energy consumption as well, which includes electricity use in corporate offices, production studios, and billboards, in addition to colocation data center infrastructure.

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