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Logo The PayPal logo is in Pay and Pal blues on a white background. Only use solid black or white versions when color is not an option. The blue logo is our most universally recognized asset, and to aid comprehension, we use that version wherever possible. The correct logo has a lowercase “tm”. PAy BLuE PAL BLuE PMS: 295 PC PMS: 300 PC CMyK: 100 57 0 40 CMyK: 100 44 0 0 rGB: 0 69 124 rGB: 0 121 193 hEX: 00457C hEX: 0079C1 The black and white versions are only to be used if necessary DO NOT uSE ThESE OuTDATED VErSIONS: due to color restriction or background color. Color is incorrect. Wrong trademark is included Keyline treatment around the (needs to be lowercase tm) logo is not permitted. ContentS PayPal | Corporate master brand guidelines | August 2013 | Copyright © 2013 PayPal Inc. All rights reserved. 6

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