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Logo guidelines and clear space • The PayPal logo should be given a place of prominence on a page. P P • The logo should not appear more than once on a single page 10 pix 10 pix or screen. P • Always maintain the required clear space around the logo. 10 pix P • The solid white or black versions should be used only where the full color logo is not an option. P 10 pix DO NOT use the logo as part of a sentence within a block of copy. you can, however, use the logo at the end of a short descriptor, such as “Secure payments by PayPal” or “Check out with PayPal.” Additionally, CLEAr SPACE — PrINT MINIMuM CLEAr SPACE — DIGITAL the PayPal logo can be used inline within endorsement marks. In print materials, the preferred amount of clear space Maintaining a 10 pixel clear space is always around the logo is equal to the height of the initial “P.” preferable. Ensure color accuracy by downloading the most recent color-corrected logo ifles in CMyK and rGB from PayPal Brand Central. 20mm (.7874”) 50 px 5.5mm (.2165”) 14 px MINIMuM LOGO SIzE — PrINT MINIMuM LOGO SIzE — DIGITAL for print use, the logo should never be reduced Don’t make the logo smaller than 50 px wide below the minimum size of 20 mm x 5.5 mm. in digital executions. ContentS PayPal | Corporate master brand guidelines | August 2013 | Copyright © 2013 PayPal Inc. All rights reserved. 7

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