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Overview Pre-roll Views campaigns increase your relevance by allowing you to run video ads on brand-safe, premium content your customers already love. No one does video quite like Pre-roll clips will run before Twitter. When something happens premium video content from our in the world, it’s amplified on 200+ partners across 15 industry Twitter. standard content categories, with select Twitter Curated Categories With premium video viewership on available for even tighter topical the rise, the Pre-roll Views alignment. objective gives you the tools you need to connect with the best The Pre-roll Views objective is video content from the world’s compatible with all Twitter most-watched and rising Amplify products, which provide publishers. customizable ad-to-publisher pairing to make sure your ad is Build brand relevance and align served in the right place at the with consumers' interests by right time. running pre-roll ads or branded sponsorships on the videos that Prefer to do a standalone ad? your target audience is already No problem, we recommend watching. checking out the Video Views objective. Increase brand lift Extending reach on TV Benefits Pairing your brand with premium spots publisher content has been Twitter is an important layer to proven to increase key brand your linear plan and has been metrics. shown to drive incremental reach to TV at a more efficient cost per Brand safety reach point. 100% of content goes through multiple levels of review prior to High attention rates monetization. Research has shown that viewers Your choice, your way of our premium publisher content are exceptionally active and Our suite of Twitter Amplify attentive, even among the already product offerings allow you to engaged and discover-oriented choose how and when your ad Twitter user base. will run, as well as the level of control you’ll have over ad-to- publisher pairing. 03

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