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RELAYTO Buyers' Presentation

This is a RELAYTO presentation about the RELAYTO platform. Unleash your ideas with smarter publications, presentations and proposals.







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Winning experiences in a few clicks Turn Files Into Interactive Web-based Content Experiences in minutes with AI & no-code SaaS Book a Demo Trusted by marketing & sales teams

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How to navigate this RELAYTO experience Our story (as perhaps yours) started with an ordinary document. Here is how RELAYTO software turned our own PDF file into this interactive experience... Share any 1-click access to Choose a Book a strategy page additional resources nonlinear route session Chat with your content Switch between views View immersive video Download PDF version View full-screen

The digital experience is the message, but creating B2B digital experiences is hard

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Why our customers win We help innovative customer-facing teams grow sales pipeline and win over & delight customers.

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No-code Interactive Documents & Presentations In just a few clicks turn ordinary content into extraordinary experiences

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Obtain Higher Content ROI With RELAYTO/ Marketing ROI Sales ROI CX ROI Partner ROI No measurable Competitive deals Inadequate expansion Lost in 139 decks outcomes with PDFs with low-cost copycats from hosted PDFs & video resources 32x 2x 20x 4.2x Call-to-action Win rate Incremental hours of Faster partner conversion customer engagement onboarding Top 3 Professional Services Firm See case study See case study See case study See case study

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Investor Brand & Training & Benefits & & PR Reputation Change Mgmt Staff Comms View all examples Interactive Video Virtual Resources Project CX & Comms Journeys Hubs Workshops Libraries Deliverables Interactive Creds & Case Solution & Proposals, RFx Account Leave Behinds Sales Pitches Studies Demo Tours & Orals Portals Webinar & Thought Microsites Infographics Flipbooks & Brochures & eBooks/ gated Hybrid Event Marketing Leadership & ABM & Embeds Publications Data Sheets Content

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Unleash Existing Content with an All-In-One Suite Web Documents Generate with AI automatically Enrich without code Organize in one place Share everywhere, securely Analyze engagement for more ROI

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Loved by customers, trusted by experts

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Customer Experience A quick & urgent win for Webinar Physical RELAYTO revenue-focused Events leaders ROI* Websites Social Combine existing content Video 1-1 Video Conf across channels to turbocharge CX — cost-effectively Proposal Marketing Automation Sales Email Advertising See 3rd party ROI Study *new & influenced pipeline per $ spents

Summary Digital winners deploy RELAYTO to transform conventional content into WOW outcomes, AT SCALE. Fastest ROI No-code & Flexible Next Steps From static PDFs to winning From “low barrier” start experiences in minutes to “high ceiling” RELAYTO/ Pricing Free Trial Market leader Adopted by the best Let’s Talk G2 Leader in 14 categories for & more... creators, marketers & sellers

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Get inspired, NOW Improve your success with our resources Discover Experiences & Templates

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