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RELAYTO Buyers' Presentation

This is a RELAYTO presentation about the RELAYTO platform. Unleash your ideas with smarter publications, presentations and proposals.







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This is a ‘RELAYTO presentation’ about RELAYTO And this is how it can supercharge your marketing, sales and customer communications Hint: Look out for AI, interactivity, immersive rich media, call-to-actions, non-linear navigation, hubs and more inside

What is RELAYTO? Winning experiences in a few clicks Turn Files Into Interactive Web-based Content Experiences in minutes with AI & no-code SaaS Trusted by marketing & sales teams

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How to navigate this RELAYTO experience Our story (as perhaps yours) started with an ordinary document. Here is how RELAYTO software turned our own PDF file into this interactive experience... Share any 1-click access to Choose a Book a strategy page additional resources nonlinear route session Chat with your content Switch between views Download PDF version View full-screen

The digital experience is the message, but creating B2B digital experiences is hard

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Why our customers win We help innovative customer-facing teams grow sales pipeline and win over & delight customers.

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AI-powered content transformation RELAYTO is the 1st to automagically enrich legacy content with media, interactivity, sharing & analytics

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      “RELAYTO supercharges our PDFs & presentations” Amanda Backer Salesforce Sr Director Marketing Salesforce story Real-time analytics Omnichannel Salesforce now provides interactive buyer experiences with 12x CTA conversion vs original PDFs Engage & interact Navigate AI-powered live chat

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      Bring everything into one place to accelerate & close deals Salesforce story Tailored messages, CTAs and content Salesforce now turns one-off assets into end-to-end buyer journeys and campaigns One platform. Many formats Presentation Microsite Flipbook Content Hub Video Web Doc Infographic Blog AI-assisted selling with interactive presentation

      Other leading marketers face similar challenges Independently Conducted Customer Review

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      RELAYTO delivers proven ROI across the buyer journey Customer Experience Partner Experience Marketing Sales 32x 2x 20x 4.2x Call-to-action Win rate Incremental hours of Faster partner conversion customer engagement onboarding

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      Democratizing interactive experiences across the business Training & CX & Interactive Video Resources Benefits & Investor Brand & Change Journeys Hubs Libraries Staff Comms & PR Reputation Comms Mgmt Webinar & Microsites Thought Flipbooks & Brochures & Infographics eBooks Hybrid Event Marketing & ABM Leadership Publications Data Sheets & Embeds Content Interactive Leave Creds & Solution & Proposals, Account Sales Pitches Behinds Case Studies Demo Tours RFx & Orals Portals

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      Unleash Existing Content with an All-In-One Suite Web Documents RELAYTO Generate with AI automatically Enrich without code Organize in one place Share everywhere, securely Analyze engagement for more ROI

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      Awarded by customers, trusted by experts

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      Customer Experience A quick & urgent win for revenue-focused leaders Webinar Physical RELAYTO Events Combine existing content across channels to turbocharge CX — cost-effectively ROI* Websites Social Video 1-1 Video Conf Proposal Marketing Automation Sales Email Advertising *new & influenced pipeline per $ spents

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      Summary Digital winners deploy RELAYTO to transform conventional content into WOW outcomes, AT SCALE.

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      Get inspired, NOW Improve your success with our resources

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