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Basic guidelines 2020

Basic Guidelines for Santander 2 These brand guides (hereinafter, " Brand Guidelines ") contain the corporate guidelines that must be followed for the application and use of the Santander brand by a third party, provided that such third party is duly authorized to do so by means of the corresponding license that authorizes the use. All the brands included in these Brand Guidelines are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights. In this sense, its use and reproduction is prohibited, unless expressly authorized. In case you are a licensee of a Santander brand or logo, and have agreed particular conditions of use, you must follow them. These Brand Guidelines , as well as all its content, are owned by Banco Santander S.A and its affiliates.

Basic Guidelines for Santander 3 In this basic guideline you will find the necessary visual resources to work with Santander brand. Also, we’re sharing final artwork files to help you throughout the brand implementation.

Basic Guidelines for Santander 4 1. Logotype

Basic Guidelines for Santander 5 1. Logot ype Logotype The Santander corporate logotype has evolved to reflect our prosperity purpose and represents present and future technological progress. The flame emits light, heat and humanity and emerges from a solid, oval platform. The use of red brings to mind energy, strength, bravery and command.

Basic Guidelines for Santander 6 Versions Main version: this version should be prioritized in all communications, from large formats to credit cards. Secondary version: this version is only used when there are size limitations and the main version does not provide enough visual clarity. This is the case in some sponsorship applications. Example: Symbol: the symbol by itself is only used in small spaces where it is not possible to apply the main and secondary versions. This is the case of the app pictogram or promotional elements with space restrictions. Example: Main Version Positive Negative Symbol Secondary Version 1. Logot ype

Basic Guidelines for Santander 7 Black and white A black or white logo has been provided for those instances where it’s not possible to print the logo in red. 1. Logot ype Main Version Positive Symbol Secondary Version Negative

Basic Guidelines for Santander 8 1. Logot ype Clear space To ensure legibility we need to give enough clear space around the logo. The ideal clear space for the preferred and secondary versions is defined by the flame symbol width. If needed, there’s also a minimum clear space area, defined by half of the flame symbol width. For the symbol, the security space is defined by a 28x28 modular grid with a security space of 5 modules at the top and sides and 6 at the bottom. The minimum security space is 3 modules on the top and sides and 4 on the bottom. For extreme cases, such as favpictogram, you can consider a security space of less than 1 module on the top and sides and 2 on the bottom. Minimum size To provide legibility and clarity of the Santander logo a minimum size has been established for each version: Main Version: 25px / 3mm Secondary Version : 50px / 5mm Symbol: 16px / 3mm 25px / 3mm 50px / 5mm 16px / 3mm 28 28 Minimum size Preferred clear space Minimum clear space Main version Positive Symbol Secondary version

Basic Guidelines for Santander 9 Cobranding In cases of cobranding it is possible to create a lockup with the Santander logo and the partner brand. The size ratio between them must be proportional and for this reason we use a grid. The distance between both logos is four modules. In the center of this space, we add a 1pt thick line. The height of this break line varies depending on the height of the chosen lockup version. 1. Logot ype 5 8 6 Lockup main version Proportions secondary version Lockup symbol Examples

Basic Guidelines for Santander 10 1. Logot ype Final artworks nomenclature For a proper application of the logo in any format or support, it is essential to use the appropriate digital file. For that reason a final artwork nomenclature system has been developed in order to rationalize the versions and its use. It will also help you to choose the right file. The final artwork nomenclature shows: Final artwork + Santander + Version + Condition + Color mode + Format AF_SANTANDER_PV_POS_CMYK.EPS RESOURCE AVAILABLE FINAL ARTS OF THE LOGOTYPE, IN ALL COLOR MODES Final Artwork Brand Colour Mode: CMYK = Four color PMS = Pantone RGB = Screen BW = Black and white Condition: POS = Positive NEG = Negative Format: .AI .EPS .JPG .PNG .PDF The digital formats match with: AI. Adobe Illustrator CS6. EPS. Encapsulated PostScript. JPG. Compressed image in RGB. PNG. Compressed image in RGB with transparent background. P D F. Portable Document Format. Version: PV = Preferred version SV = Secondary version SY = Symbol

Basic Guidelines for Santander 11 2. Color palette Color is an essential resource for the Santander brand. That is why we have defined and adjusted every color, so they are properly implemented in every touch point. Please make sure you follow these guidelines and use the references we provide you with.

Basic Guidelines for Santander 12 50% 40% 5% 5% Primary colors Our color palette has evolved Red is our color still, but it is now more intense. We have added white, that provides light and simplicity and blue that brings freshness and technology. We have done an initial recommendation on color usage % as it is very important to keep a balance. 2. Color palette WHITE HEX #FFFFFF RGB 255 255 255 CMYK 0 0 0 0 RED PMS 485 C HEX #EC0000 RGB 236 0 0 CMYK 0 100 100 0 R AL 3020 SKY PMS 649 C HEX #DEEDF2 RGB 222 237 242 CMYK 10 3 1 0 BLACK PMS PROCESS BLACK HEX #000000 RGB 0 0 0 CMYK 0 0 0 100

If you have any doubts regarding these guidelines, please get in touch with any member of the brand team at Banco Santander. 2020