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Writing Style Guide Overview ® Business Select means you’re The Writing Style Guide is the spiritual successor of Colleen’s one of the first ones on. So go Bible, a collection of spellings, grammar rules, and capitalizations, ahead, choose your favorite seat. used to maintain constancy among all of the written communica- tion for Southwest. Use this document when crafting any written But priority boarding (A1–A15) isn’t your only perk on Business Select. You’ve also got Fly By®  ® security lane access. tra apid eards oints. Fully re­undable message–internal or external. tickets. Free sa€e‚day flig„t c„anges. re€iu€ drink on day o­ travel. Yes… our Business Select perks are built around your s€ile. And you don’t „ave to be on a business trip to en†oy t„e€. Start s€iling at sout„€‡getbusinessselect. Note: Please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style for guidelines not covered in this guide. ˆ„ere available Punctuation Styling Use punctuation in headlines with complete sentences and headlines that use a combination of complete and Do not use punctuation when setting off special offers incomplete sentences. with point, dollar or discount percentages. Examples: • Without a heart, it’s just a machine. • 8 days only! All destinations on sale. as low as Save up to Plus earn Do not use punctuation in headlines when stating a short, incomplete phrase (5 words or less) that has a complete $73 $200 1,200 sentence as a supporting subhead. one-way bonus points Example: • Save up to 50% (subhead) Need a quick getaway? Book your flight now. Use punctuation in online body copy that is multiple sentences long. Do not use periods in online headline copy that is not on an image, unless separating two thoughts. Use question marks or exclamations, if appropriate. Writing Style and Trademark Guide Southwest Airlines Brand Style Guide | 115

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