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Collaborating Our summit helps clients build their diverse suppliers in recognition of how supply chains with clients supply chains and facilitates the growth of our have evolved and the role they play in responsible suppliers such as AP42. Since meeting AP42 business operations and in our communities. at the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council Conference in 2018, we have worked In continuing to drive responsible buying CLIENT SPOTLIGHT Shared success leverages our Global Supplier excellence, we are constantly updating our Inclusion & Sustainability Program to advance and with them to bring forward-thinking technology and creative marketing concepts to their clients. supplier and contractor management processes. engage a diverse supply chain to accelerate long- This year, we are improving our Risk Management term value with technology and human ingenuity. AP42 worked as a co-collaborator and innovator Prescription for supply alongside Accenture Liquid Studios on the Model to maintain tight controls throughout the chain efficiency: We do this by hosting global procurement supplier life cycle where needed. Improvements summits while developing and strengthening Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Virtual Helping a global Summit. Their technology brought the summit to to our Risk Model help ensure that our suppliers relationships with clients. With the current support our commitments including environmental pharmaceutical company pandemic disrupting this in-person process, life with a customized virtual reality experience. sustainability, human rights, inclusion, diversity get medicine to patients we hosted our first global three-day Supplier and social innovation. Risk Model updates will when they need it most Inclusion & Sustainability Virtual Summit in 2020. also enable us to focus on suppliers presenting At the summit, Accenture leadership emphasized higher-risk levels and prompt the relevant teams the importance of inviting procurement to the Driving supplier to take further investigative action due to stronger A global pharmaceutical company table and called upon businesses to identify coordination between the Accenture business collaborated with Accenture on a three-year supply chain gaps as well as opportunities to groups managing risks and controls for suppliers. transformation to create a new global supply address equity and environmental sustainability. sustainability chain organization across 110 countries The event showcased our capabilities while when complete. The program is on track providing diverse suppliers opportunities to Our commitment is reflected in our award- to significantly reduce costs and improve network and exchange innovative ideas. More winning programs around supplier inclusion and margins, manufacturing flexibility and service than 800 people from six continents attended, sustainability. We are constantly working with levels. It is already benefiting from efficient including more than 150 clients, seven of whom our industry and clients to adopt sustainable COVID-19 crisis planning. exhibited at the summit. practices and establish better processes. This year, we redesigned the way we interact with United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 45

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