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Supporting an inclusive in-kind support to develop and launch the new We continue to support the organization’s labor market WECommunity platform that includes an improved endeavors to build a pan-European collaboration database for business women to engage with that unlocks opportunities to develop the LGBTI one another and large member buyers. business community and provide connections We are proud to be a corporate leader in inclusive Additionally, WEConnect International-certified with potential clients. Our support includes advice Business women grow procurement practices, and we continue to women-owned businesses are set to participate in on expanding the business network, certification, economies, Singapore explore new ways and opportunities to promote the next DSDP class representing Austria, Germany building a strong corporate member base as the inclusion of persons who may be excluded and Switzerland. well as including EGLCC-registered businesses is next: from the labor market for physical, social or In addition to our partnership to launch the in our Global DSDP program in Austria, Germany The S$95 billion opportunity cultural reasons through our Global Supplier WECommunity platform, Accenture has local and Switzerland. We supported and delivered Inclusion & Sustainability Program. These groups collaborations with the organization in 16 a keynote at the first formal virtual EGLCC include minority-, ethnic- and women-owned conference in June 2020, demonstrating growing Accenture Research, together with countries, while supporting conversations to corporate support to build an organization like WEConnect International and the American businesses; the LGBTI community; persons with launch the network in new markets in the Middle EGLCC on the European continent. Chamber of Commerce, published disabilities; veterans; refugees; and people East and Asia. For our new DSDP countries a study around the status of female living away from economic centers. We support including Austria, Germany, India, Mexico, entrepreneurship in Singapore. The broader inclusion not only through direct South Africa and Switzerland, we will include research outlines challenges local women- recruitment but also through agreements WEConnect International-certified businesses owned businesses face and opportunities with our vendors and in collaboration with providing more opportunities to strengthen their to break down existing barriers and help other organizations. operations and increase business. them grow. The report found that raising We co-founded and have representation on the Accenture also brings our commitment to life the number of women-owned businesses to Board and executive committee of WEConnect through involvement in organizations such as equal the number of businesses owned by International. Our involvement with this Disability:IN and the National LGBT Chamber men could add S$95 billion to Singapore’s organization is one way we continue to provide of Commerce, where we hold Board seats. In economy—roughly 20% of the country’s opportunities for women-owned businesses addition, we are also a member of the European gross domestic product. around the world. This year, we provided LGBTIQ Chamber of Commerce (EGLCC). United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 49

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