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Global Diverse Supplier the virtual environment also allowed us to test We continued innovating despite the pandemic. Development Program our digital tool—our Small Medium Enterprises- This past fiscal year we unveiled a new offering, Digital Ecosystem platform—that will now be DSDP Sustainability, in which we help diverse leveraged by all our classes. In fiscal 2021, DSDP suppliers working to establish plans to improve DSDP participant: We continue to prioritize our work with diverse will graduate suppliers in South Africa and India. their sustainability performance. We also WeFresh suppliers. One way we do this is through our We continued making progress with the Global launched a digital small- and medium-sized 18-month Global Diverse Supplier Development DSDP program last year and launched our first enterprises tool for easier access to information Program (DSDP) initiative that matches senior class in India—virtually, due to the COVID-19 and opportunities for diverse partners. U.S. DSDP alum, ASAP Solutions LLC, Nancy Accenture executive mentors with diverse pandemic—in early November 2020. Comprising Williams, and U.K. DSDP alum, Microfresh supplier companies. We pay particular attention seven diverse suppliers—businesses primarily CEO, Byron Dixon, met at the 2014 National to vendors that use AI and other innovative skills run by women and LGBTI owners—the program Minority Supplier Development Council that we consider part of the digital future. is bringing these diverse business owners into National Conference in Orlando, Florida, as the mainstream procurement ecosystem. While guests at the Accenture table. Throughout Our DSDP goal by the end of fiscal 2020 was the COVID-19 pandemic delayed our launches in the event, each reflected on their to graduate 170 diverse suppliers. Due to class Austria, Germany, Mexico and Switzerland, we experiences in the mentoring program that schedules, we achieved this goal by the middle plan to begin our programs there and in Australia had helped them to expand their business. of fiscal 2021, graduating five U.S. suppliers in fiscal 2021. Our new goal is to have graduated Years later, that brief introduction and DSDP who participated in virtual classes. Although the a total of 250 diverse suppliers by the end of synergy would propel a partnership that program did not extend the full 18 months and fiscal 2023. would span the globe. Nancy would later was not in a formal class setting due to COVID-19, create WeFresh LLC as a partner with Byron to bring antimicrobial solutions to North America. Through their collaboration and innovation, they are driving antimicrobial solutions to many clients in North America and crediting Accenture’s DSDP with their success. United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 48

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