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32 Wells Fargo Assist SM offers a variety of options and support to customers facing financial hardship related to: Home loans Wells Fargo home preservation specialists help homeowners with payment challenges, guiding them through options and approaches based on their individual situation and loan terms . Our Responsible Lending and Servicing Principles for U .S . Residential Real Estate Products govern our business practices in this area . These principles include providing customers with the information they need to make fully informed decisions about credit products and services, pricing those products and services appropriately, only approving applications when we believe the borrower has the ability to repay the credit according to its terms, and providing timely responses to customer questions and complaints, as well as prompt action to correct errors . Credit cards If customers are struggling to make monthly credit card or loan payments, or can’t catch up with past-due payments, we review the nature of the hardship and the customer’s financial information to determine whether they qualify for alternative payment options . Payment options are determined on a case-by-case basis, and may include a lower interest rate and, possibly, a lower minimum payment amount . Checking accounts Wells Fargo provides many services to help avoid overdrafts and manage customer accounts . Online, mobile, and text banking tools allow customers to monitor account activity, transfer funds, and help avoid unexpected overdrafts . These services include: • Overdraft Rewind ®, a service that helps customers with direct deposit avoid certain overdraft charges . It may help customers avoid returned payment and related merchant fees, so long as the customer’s incoming direct deposit is sufficient to cover payments from the prior business day that would have otherwise been returned unpaid . • Automatic zero-balance alerts that notify online banking customers by email if their account balances drop to zero or below . • No overdraft or return item fee is charged for any transaction of $5 or less and for any overdrawn balance of $5 or less . • In 2020, we introduced a new low-cost bank account with no overdraft fees: Clear Access Banking SM . This checkless bank account helps customers avoid spending more than the amount available in the account without incurring overdraft or nonsufficient funds fees . Clear Access Banking is structured to meet the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund’s Bank On National Account Standards for safe and appropriate financial products that can help people enter or reenter the mainstream financial system . Loans For customers who have difficulties making payments, we offer a variety of options based on their specific needs . We ask that customers contact us so we can better understand their challenges and talk through options that might work for them . These may include a due date change, payment deferral, loan modification, or hardship refinance .

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