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31 Wells Fargo aims to exceed customer expectations and provide value to individual customers, investors, and small businesses across the economic spectrum . We’re working hard to enhance the customer experience through innovative product offerings delivered with the highest level of customer service . Our customer-centric strategy aims to put customers first in all that we do, meet customers’ needs in a personal and relevant manner, deliver seamless and frictionless experiences, and ultimately create meaningful relationships with our customers to help them reach their financial goals . Financial health programs We know that consumers are more likely to achieve financial success if they understand the steps they can take to establish healthy financial habits . That’s why we provide a variety of resources and products designed to enable individuals to learn how to manage money responsibly, build and improve credit, plan and save for the future, and reach their financial goals . • Hands on Banking ® by Wells Fargo is a free online learning program provided as a public service to all individuals, without any endorsements Delivering value to our customers or advertising . The program offers resources for anyone who wants to learn more about responsible money management . It’s designed to provide individuals and families with the knowledge they need to take control of their financial future, including educational articles on a variety of topics, classroom resources for educators, and self-directed courses for everyone from seniors and military members to entrepreneurs and kids . • The Smarter Credit TM Center includes resources to help customers understand, build, and improve credit, as well as manage debt and plan for large purchases . • Eligible Wells Fargo customers can access their FICO® credit scores for free through Wells Fargo Online ® . • Control Tower ® provides simple, secure, and centralized access to Wells Fargo cards and account information, enabling customers to easily view, manage, and monitor their digital financial footprint from a single location . Responsible treatment of customers with debt repayment problems We understand that keeping up with loan and credit card payments can be difficult, especially for people who’ve lost a job, been ill, or become overextended with credit . Performance trends can be found in the Wells Fargo ESG Goals and Performance Data (PDF) .

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