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65 • Employees are eligible for eight to 52 weeks of severance pay, based on years of service . • We offer displaced employees Career Transition Services (CTS) through an external vendor . CTS is a comprehensive program that includes personalized career coaching, professional resume development, practice on interviewing techniques, and tailored job leads to connect employees with their next opportunity . • Employees and their household family members can seek free, voluntary, confidential consultation and support for any concerns and challenges with Employee Assistance Consulting (EAC), a team of behavioral health professionals . • Employees also have access to the Live and Work Well website . This additional online resource provides guides, articles, videos, and webinars to help employees through a displacement . In countries where we operate outside of the U .S ., the practices of managing redundancies or displacements and workforce restructuring vary significantly based on legal and regulatory requirements and local market practices . International support may include enhanced severance pay arrangements, employee assistance programs, and career transition services . We also have multiple long-term initiatives underway that are intended to support employment security and responsible workforce restructuring, including: • Development of the Human Capital Risk Program to help position us to effectively hire, retain, manage, and appropriately compensate the talent we need to achieve our business objectives in accordance with applicable laws and regulations . • Implementation of an enterprise workforce planning strategy aimed at providing us with the necessary resources to support business mandates . • Creation of programs that facilitate the movement of talent across the enterprise, putting employees with complementary skills in the areas of greatest need and exposing them to other areas of the company . • Designing a new job architecture to establish a defined competency framework . The goal of this approach is to better enable employees to evaluate potential roles based on common competencies and help them identify opportunities to advance their careers . Safety and health We recognize the importance of providing a safe and healthy environment for all our employees, visitors, and customers . And we design and implement programs across our company to help reduce the frequency and severity of injuries and illnesses . We also make special accommodations available to help injured employees return to work when they’re able . The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of safety and health as never before . For more information on how we have supported our employees, customers, and communities during this unprecedented time, please see the Continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic section of this report . Governance and oversight We work to maintain a workplace environment that promotes and protects the safety and health of everyone who comes through our doors . The Wells Fargo Injury & Illness Prevention

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