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30 Tax overview Wells Fargo files income tax returns in the U .S . and over 30 additional countries and territories in which we operate . Our income tax profile reflects the commercial and regulatory considerations that drive our business structure and strategy . As a taxpayer in many jurisdictions, we’re routinely under examination by various tax authorities . Wells Fargo emphasizes a culture of strong internal controls and risk management designed to achieve compliance with applicable local income tax laws and regulations . We offer transparency with global tax authorities, including sharing relevant information regarding our business operations and tax profile . In addition, we’ve implemented systems and processes to assist in our global compliance with applicable customer tax information reporting laws, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, and the Common Reporting Standard . Our consolidated financial statements include information related to the reconciliation of our effective tax rate to the U .S . statutory income tax rate and our net income taxes paid . In addition, we file publicly available legal entity financial statements in certain non-U .S . jurisdictions . For more information on the impact of income taxation at Wells Fargo, see our Income Taxes footnote regarding our global effective tax rate and our Statement of Cash Flows supplemental information for net cash taxes paid in our Annual Report . Our most up-to-date financial reports can be found here .

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