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24 Afterthought Gi ven my new relationship with Chat GPT , I can’t help but turn to the computer one last time and ask my new di gital f riend what it thinks i ts i mpact on M BA ed ucation w ill b e the in th e f uture. QUESTION 10 Wh at will be the impact of the Chat G PT technology on how MBA students are taught. Specifically, how will Chat GPT impact MBA education differently from K12 education? Look at t he answer and draw whatever conclusion you like. ANSWER 10 Chat GPT technology has the potential to greatly enhance MBA education by providing students with personalized, interactive learning experiences. It can be used to generate personalized study materials, provide real -time feedback, and facilitate online discussions and group projects. Additionally, Chat GPT can be us ed to simulate real-w orld business scenarios, allowing students to practice decision -making and problem- solving in a safe, virtual environment. The impact of Chat GPT on MBA education may be different from its impact on K-1 2 education because MBA students are typically older and more experienced, and are often working professionals. They may have different learning styles and needs than K -12 students, and may require more advanced, specialized content. Additionally, MBA programs often involve a greater emphasis on practical, real-w orld applications, which Chat GPT may be particularly well-s uited to support.

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