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Partner and Co-marketing Guide CO-MARKETING OVERVIEW Page 5 What is co-marketing? Co-marketing is any instance when a partner’s Keep each brand separate — Avoid mixing Make the relationship clear — If the brand and the Xerox brand appear together in brand elements, and create distinct, separate partner is communicating to their customer, marketing communications. areas for each brand. Partner created the partner brand should lead and the When done properly, it can be beneficial to communications should be in the partner partner badge should communicate their both parties. brand but can use Xerox finished assets. relationship with Xerox. If the partner is Protecting the Value of Both Brands Xerox created communications are in the using a Xerox-created asset, the relationship Each brand is attractive to customers for Xerox brand but can include partner branding should be explained through explanatory different reasons. Effective co-marketing in designated areas. text as shown below. quickly expresses the connection between the two brands without causing confusion about who the message is coming from. Here are a A Xerox Document few guidelines to help make communications Document Solution Provider Technology Partner Technology as impactful as possible: Partner Know who is talking — Paying attention to Listen to the tone — Tone of voice is how the voice that’s used is extremely important in we say things so it sounds like our brand. The making sure the customer knows who they’re tone of voice for Xerox content is built on three doing business with. If the communication is constant, core ingredients: Confident, Down- coming from a partner, it should always to-Earth, Powered by the “What If.” These come reference “Xerox” as opposed to “we” or “our.” to life in content that reflects our Set The Page Free communications platform. Partner- authored content should reflect the partner’s Xerox has We have tone and style. launched the launched the fastest… fastest… ©2018 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved.

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