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22 ELSTEADLIGHTING.COM HOW TO SPECIFY A LAMPSHADE IN EASY STEPS 8 CHOOSE THE STYLE / SHAPE The choice of shade size is a very subjective and personal choice. Generally, a standard table lamp will use a shade width that matches the height of the base below. But some people prefer long and linear shades if they have a large space to fill and some people like to under-shade to fit in a limited space, therefore may go with the same width for the base and shade. When replacing an old shade we would require measurements including the diameter of the shade rings at the base and top of the shade as well as the length of the slope or vertical which the material creates. Pleated shades are known as soft shades and all others are typically hard shades (fabric mounted onto a laminate backing). 1 CHOOSE THE SIZE NEEDED Shades typically increase in 2’’ increments and are measured at the widest width (usually the base). Shade making is still traditionally measured in Imperial inches but please see our table for Metric conversions. 2 CHOOSE THE PURPOSE It is important to specify if the shade is intended to be used for a Ceiling Pendant or for a Table/Floor Lamp, so that the correct gimble can be used. 3 Imperial Metric 8" 20 cm 10" 25 cm 12" 30 cm 14" 35 cm 16" 41 cm 18" 46 cm 20" 51 cm 22" 56 cm

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