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40 ELSTEADLIGHTING.COM CHILDREN'S PRINTS We are excited to present our first dedicated collection of printed colourful fabrics suitable for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Ladybird Multi DL-030PAT089 (A) Birds Multi DL-030PAT084 (A) Owls Multi DL-030PAT086 (A) Small Owls Multi DL-080PAT097 (A) Shoal Blue DL-030PAT087 (A) VW Campervan Blue DL-030PAT088 (A) Owls Blue DL-030PAT085 (A) India Fuchsia DL-030PAT090 (A) Jurassic Black DL-080PAT101 (A) Printed swatches are for guide purposes only and may vary from the true colour. Please request a fabric swatch from [email protected]

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