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39 ELSTEADLIGHTING.COM Moulin Emerald DL-070PAT015 (D) Topaz Mink DL-020PAT017 (D) Igneous Moonstone DL-060PAT009 (F) Cinnabar Truffle DL-060PAT005 (H) Taipei Quartz DL-040PAT028 (C) Gherkin Sandstone DL-040PAT029 (C) Overture Vanilla DL-040PAT024 (C) Linear Antique DL-030PAT032 (A) Topaz Neutral Blush DL-020PAT018 (D) Igneous Danube DL-060PAT008 (F) Cinnabar Ink DL-060PAT004 (H) Gherkin Bronze DL-040PAT030 (C) Guggenheim Bronze DL-040PAT025 (C) Overture Thistle DL-040PAT022 (C) Linear Burnt Orange DL-030PAT031 (A) Moulin Smokey DL-070PAT013 (D) Topaz Rose Quartz DL-020PAT016 (D) Igneous Ice DL-060PAT007 (F) Cinnabar Slate DL-060PAT006 (H) Taipei Ivory DL-040PAT027 (C) Guggenheim Chrome DL-040PAT026 (C) Overture Silver DL-040PAT023 (C) Linear Silver DL-030PAT033 (A) Moulin Splendour DL-070PAT014 (D) Printed swatches are for guide purposes only and may vary from the true colour. Please request a fabric swatch from [email protected]

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