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28 ELSTEADLIGHTING.COM SILKS Putty (E) DL-010PLN015 Magenta (E) DL-010PLN012 Chocolate (E) DL-010PLN031 Burgundy (E) DL-010PLN029 Ivory (E) DL-010PLN009 Willow (E) DL-010PLN026 Insignia (E) DL-010PLN022 Pebble (E) DL-010PLN006 Feather (E) DL-010PLN017 Turquoise (E) DL-010PLN021 Berry (E) DL-010PLN027 Moss (E) DL-010PLN024 Prune (E) DL-010PLN028 Flame (E) DL-010PLN032 Twilight (E) DL-010PLN008 Dove Grey (E) DL-010PLN001 Gunmetal (E) DL-010PLN004 White (E) DL-010PLN013 Silver (E) DL-010PLN003 Orchid (E) DL-010PLN019 Cornflower (E) DL-010PLN014 Burnt Orange (E) DL-010PLN018 Black (E) DL-010PLN010 Wine (E) DL-010PLN030 Kiwi (E) DL-010PLN025 Star (E) DL-010PLN023 Peacock (E) DL-010PLN005 Evergreen (E) DL-010PLN020 Camel (E) DL-010PLN002 Apricot (E) DL-010PLN016 Banana (E) DL-010PLN007 Melba (E) DL-010PLN011 This premium fine fabric is made of 100% Indian Douppion Silk and features natural slubs in the weave. These 32 stock colours are perfect for hard or soft pleated shades. Printed swatches are for guide purposes only and may vary from the true colour. Please request a fabric swatch from [email protected]

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