Vikas Singhal
Vikas Singhal
PRPL Lamitube 2023
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PRPL Lamitube 2023

PRPL Lamitube 2023
- Lamitube Division
We help brands to
reduce their carbon footprint
& increase their profits
P. R. Packagings Ltd. Is a 30 year old, $15 million (INR 100 Crore) printed packaging manufacture
dealing in mono-cartons, A,B,C,E,F,G fluted cartons and rigid boxes. We are suppliers to major
brands like Samsung, Becton Dickinson, Hollister, etc. and exporting over 15% of our goods to USA,
EU, Middle East and North Africa. We diversified into the lamitube business in 2015.

Slide 2: Tube forming equipment detail
Slide 3: Technical Capability Summary
Slide 4: Available Laminate structures
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Slide 6: Equipment Summary
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Slide 8
Slide 9: View of KOMBIS Tube forming @PRPL Facility
Slide 10: View of Letter Press Printing @PRPL Facility
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