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Location 10: Turtle Pond/Front of Lincoln Statue — Indigo Sparks Title: “it's a matter of the soul” (excerpt) Choreographer: Indigo Sparks Performer: Indigo Sparks Styling: Michael Aidoo Sound: “Life Has Its Trails” by Dorothy Ashby Notes: "it’s a matter of the soul" is a live solo performance using voice and improvisational movement to amplify joy. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the myriad of attacks on our civil liberties in this country, this piece dares to reimagine the American Dream. What if we had a chance to start all over? How do we tap into that part of ourselves that makes us want to form community, and to hold space for each other in times of uncertainty, to work towards the creation of a shared vision, to build a world? Featuring music by Dorothy Ashby, this work generates a space for unapologetic curiosity and play. Instagram: @indigosparks_ // styling by @aidooessel Website: More about Current: Current Showcase is a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work. Current welcomes artists of all backgrounds and performance practices. We provide artists with the opportunity to perform in front of an audience, receive feedback, and network with other artists and potential collaborators. Our showcases have been performed in studios, theaters, and outdoor, public spaces. All of our showcases use suggested donation or sliding scale ticket prices in order to remove financial barriers and make art more accessible to the public. If you have feedback for us or would like to be part of a future showcase, please follow us on Instagram @currentshowcase and email us at [email protected]. Special thanks to our volunteers for supporting us today. And to Michael & Helen Prisco for their logo design. Additional Resources:: ● Covid-19 Artist Resources ● Land Acknowledgement ● What is site-specific dance? ● The story of tap dance

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