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Current (Take.5) Program

Enter Google Map of All Artists Here Suggested Donation $1-15 — Venmo @Falls-Kennedy ~ Proceeds will be evenly distributed among the artists. ~ Location 1: Entrance to Harry’s Wall — Molly Gorin Title: “Draw Me In” Choreographer: Molly Gorin Performer: Molly Gorin Sound: "Dance Only With Me" by Blossom Dearie Instagram: @mollygorin Website: Location 2: Benches — Augie Sherman Title: “you were saying” Choreographer: Augie Sherman Performer: Augie Sherman Sound: "Water" by Sō Percussion, Matmos Instagram: @augiesherms Website: Location 3: Rotunda — Phoebe Ballard & Natalie Stehly Title: “go again” Choreographers: Phoebe Ballard and Natalie Stehly Performers: Phoebe Ballard and Natalie Stehly Instagram: @pballard41 @nataliestehly Website:

Location 4: Grieg Statue — Eleanor, Katherine, & Yuma Title: “Miniature Improvisations” Choreographers: Improvised based on a loose score created by the artists. Performers: Eleanor Altholz, Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim, Yuma Uesaka Sound (Live): Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim and Yuma Uesaka Notes: This is an improvisational performance, which will include ten minutes of 1-2 minute miniature improvisations, and an extended 25-30 minute free improvisation. We are thinking about the spectrum between blending in and standing out, especially in the context of performing in public places. Instagrams: @el_lenore @katherineviolin @yumasax Websites: Katherine: Yuma: Location 5: Stairs/Trees — Emily Kessler Title: “Warbler” Choreographer: Emily Kessler Performer: Emily Kessler Instagram: Website: Location 6: Railing/Lawn — Project Herkimer Title: “Project Herkimer” Choreographers: Paris Cullen, Shannon Yu, Sarah Zucchero, MJ Markovitz, Bri Nerud, Colson Lynn Performers: Paris Cullen, Shannon Yu, Sarah Zucchero, MJ Markovitz, Bri Nerud, Colson Lynn Notes: We are Project Herkimer, a collective of six queer movement artists currently sharing a home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Inspired by playful improvisation, connecting with one another, objects in our living room, and the abundance of an empty day of quarantine, we come together as six babies to share love and creativity through performance. Hailing from different parts of the country and world, with different dance backgrounds including everything from breaking to ballet to salsa, we each bring a unique skill set, way of thinking, and flavor to the creation table. Instagram: @pariecullen @hsiangru.yu @thatsacarefulzoo @mjmarkovitz @stitchforealz_ @cocoblynn

Location 7: Wall — Amanda Stambrosky Title: “Kermit” Choreographer: Amanda Stambrosky Performers: Amanda Stambrosky Sound: LCD Soundsystem, Kermit (voiced by Jim Henson) Notes: I still love New York Instagram: @astambrosky Location 8: Enclave by Pond — Noa Weiss & Paolina Marina Title: “End Titles” Choreographer: Noa Rui-Piin Weiss Performers: Paolina Marina Gómez-Gonzales and Noa Rui-Piin Weiss Sound: Compiled by Noa Rui-Piin Weiss, edited by Robert Boston Notes: This is a request for 8 minutes of your attention. Stick around for the whole thing if you want :) Instagram: @weiss.soserious; Location 9: Behind Lincoln Statue — JP Viernes Title: “fall grooves, prospect park 10/3/2020” Choreographer: JP Viernes Performer: JP Viernes Sound: Music may include works by Camera Obscura, Coleman Hawkins, Frank Ocean, Twisted Pine, and The Quebe Sisters Notes: “The most beautiful part of your body is where it’s headed." - Ocean Vuong to dance percussively is to amplify our bodies. this specific style of amplified movement, tap, is a Black American dance form whose history spans genre and geography. to appreciate tap dance is to appreciate rhythms brought by enslaved West Africans; jigs from Irish and Scottish migrants; styles from minstrelsy, vaudeville, Broadway, and Hollywood; and innovations from swing, bebop, hip-hop, and Afro-Caribbean music. my amplified improvisation goes out to being a voice, insisting on our futures, and taking care of ourselves and each other as we head out of 2020. enjoy the grooves! Instagram: @jpfriday Websites:

Location 10: Turtle Pond/Front of Lincoln Statue — Indigo Sparks Title: “it's a matter of the soul” (excerpt) Choreographer: Indigo Sparks Performer: Indigo Sparks Styling: Michael Aidoo Sound: “Life Has Its Trails” by Dorothy Ashby Notes: "it’s a matter of the soul" is a live solo performance using voice and improvisational movement to amplify joy. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the myriad of attacks on our civil liberties in this country, this piece dares to reimagine the American Dream. What if we had a chance to start all over? How do we tap into that part of ourselves that makes us want to form community, and to hold space for each other in times of uncertainty, to work towards the creation of a shared vision, to build a world? Featuring music by Dorothy Ashby, this work generates a space for unapologetic curiosity and play. Instagram: @indigosparks_ // styling by @aidooessel Website: More about Current: Current Showcase is a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work. Current welcomes artists of all backgrounds and performance practices. We provide artists with the opportunity to perform in front of an audience, receive feedback, and network with other artists and potential collaborators. Our showcases have been performed in studios, theaters, and outdoor, public spaces. All of our showcases use suggested donation or sliding scale ticket prices in order to remove financial barriers and make art more accessible to the public. If you have feedback for us or would like to be part of a future showcase, please follow us on Instagram @currentshowcase and email us at [email protected]. Special thanks to our volunteers for supporting us today. And to Michael & Helen Prisco for their logo design. Additional Resources:: ● Covid-19 Artist Resources ● Land Acknowledgement ● What is site-specific dance? ● The story of tap dance