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SC 1121 WASSCE (SC) 2021 MARKETING 1 Objective Test 50 minutes Name: Index Number: THE WEST AFRICAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for School Candidates, 2021 SC 2021 MARKETING 1 50 minutes Objective Test Do not open this booklet until you are told to do so. While you are waiting, write your name and index number in the spaces provided at the top right-hand corner of this booklet and thereafter, read the following instructions carefully. 1. Use HB pencil throughout. 2. If you have got a blank answer sheet, complete its top section as follows. (a) In the space marked Name, write in capital letters your surname followed by your other names. (b) In the spaces marked Examination, Year, Subject and Paper, write 'WASSCE (SC)','2021'3 'MARKETING', and '1' respectively. (c) In the box marked Index Number, write your index number vertically in the spaces on the left-hand side. There are numbered spaces in line with each digit. Shade carefully the space with the same number as each digit. (d) In the box marked Paper Code, write the digits 112112 in the spaces on the left-hand side. Shade the corresponding numbered spaces in the same way as for your index number. (ej In the box marked Sex, shade die space marked M if you are male, or F if you are female. 3. If you have got a pre-printed answer sheet, check that the details are correctly printed, as described in 2 above. In the boxes marked Index Number , Paper Code and Sex, reshade each of the shaded spaces. 4. An example is given below. This is for a male candidate whose name is Chinedu Oladapo DIKKO, whose index number is 4251102068 and who is offering Marketing 1. THE WEST AFRICAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL PRINT IN BLOCK LETTERS DIKKO CHINEDU OLADAPO Surname Other Names Examination: WASSCE (SC) Year 2021 Subject: . MARKETING Paper: _ 1_ INDEX NUMBER i -L E z. £ I cOa c1 a 1-23 c3a"4"c5a c6a t7acji c9a cOicn 3 c4i c$3c6) «=9a cOa C1 3 c2a c3a c4a «*ÿ c6a c7a c8a c9a cOa mtm c2a c3a c4a c5a c6a c7a =8a c9* cOa c2a c3a c4a cSÿ c6a c7a c8a c9a «#ac1 a c2ac3ac4a c5ÿc6a e7ac8a e9a cOa c1 3 afts c3a c4a c5= =6= c7a c8a (=9? ÿe*ctac2ac3ac43cSac6ac73c8ac:9a c0ael3c2ac3ae43cSa"9«c73c8ac93 cQa cl a c2a c3a c4a c5ÿc6a c73»#«c9a For Supervisors only. It candidate is absent shade this apace: I - 1 PAPER CODE 1 1 2 [J 1 2 cOa C2a c3a c4a cSa c6a c7a e8a c9a 0» «a»c2a c3a e4a c5ac6a c7a c6a c9a :9a eta am»c33c4ac5ae63 c7ac8a c9a cOaa+a c2: c3a c4a c5a cfia c7a e8a c9a cOaada e2a c3a e4a c5ac6a c7ac8a c9a c03c1awc:3a :4ac5ac6ac7ac8ac9a SEX Indicate your sex by shading the space marked M (for Male) or F (for Female) In thia box: M F INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. -Use grade HB pencil throughout. 2. Answer each question by choosing one letter and shading It like this: (A] [B] [C] 3. Erase completely any answerfe) you wish to chanqe. 4. Leave extra spaces blank i the answer spaces provided are more than you need. 5. Do not make any markings across the heavy black marks at the right-hand edge of your answer sheet. __ - ÿ ÿ _ 03 S 1 1 1204 5 2021 The- West African Examinations Council

2 Answer rift, the questions. . Each question is followed by four options lettered A to D. Find the correct option for each question and shoe in pencil on your answer sheet, the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question. An example is given below. Goods produced for immediate use by households is classified as A. industrial goods. B. marked goods. C. durable goods. D. consumer goods. The correct answer is consumer goods, which is lettered D, and therefore answer space D would be shaded. [A] [B] tci mm Think carefully before you shade the answer spaces; erase completely any answer(s) you wish to change. Do all rough work on this question paper. Now answer the following questions. 1. A short-term tool used in boosting turnover is A. sales promotion. B. mass media. C. personal selling. D. e-marketing. 2. The part of an advertising leaflet that introduces the message of the advertisement is A. margin. B. headline. C. cut-out. D. photograph. 3. The amount of money charged for a product is the A. fare. Bu- price. C. revenue. D. cash. 4. An advertising media with the highest coverage area is A. billboard. B. catalogue. C. magazine. iD. television. 031111204 «ÿ

5. A pricing strategy in which the buyer and seller bargain to reach an agreement on the price of a product is A. cost-plus. B. haggling. G- skimming pricing. D. penetration pricing. 6. The elements that make up marketing planning are I. situation analysis II. market share III. marketing objective IV. marketing strategy V. action programme A. I, II, III, IV only. B. I, II, III, V only. C. I, II, IV, V only. D. I, III, IV, V only. 7. The process of collecting and analyzing information about the external marketing environment is A. environmental management. B. marketing research. C. market segmentation. D. marketing management. 8. Which of the following behaviours would a satisfied customer exhibit? A. Buy similar products from other companies B. Pay attention to other companies' product advertisement C. Talk favourably about the purchased products D. Recommend competing products for buying 9. Which of the following is not an example of institutional consumers? A. Schools B. Hospitals C. Hotels D. Households 10. Which of the following sales promotional tool is used to encourage wholesalers and retailers? A. Sample pack B. Bonus pack C. Premium offer D. Price discount 11 . Which of the following consumer buying behaviours requires the least efforts? A. Impulse buying B. Routine buying C. New buying D. High buying 03»nio4 Turn Over

12. An example of non-durable goods is A. shoe. B. bread. C. television. D. refrigerator. 13. E-marketing is also called A. direct purchasing. B. electronic banking. C. e-mail order. D. internet business. 14. A product that has undergone processing is A. an intangible product. B. a primary product. C. an extractive product D. a secondary product. IS. Which of the following items is a primary product? A. Sugar B. Noodles C. Fresh tomatoes D. Fresh bread 16. The formation of a strategy to attain established marketing objectives is A. marketing concept. B. market forecast. C. - market demand. D. marketing planning. 17. A reduction in general personal income which leads to a change in a company's pricing strategy is an element of the A. competitive environment. B. political environment. C. economic environment. D. technological environment. 18. Marketing activities carried out in more than one country is A. international marketing. B. national marketing. C. home trade. D. entrepot trade. 19. Individuals or firms that enhance business activities but do not participate directly in the business are A. market unions. B. market facilitators. C. wholesalers. D. retailers. 20. The body formed by sellers of a common product in a local market is an example of A. market union. B. manufacturers' association. C. trade union. D. consumers' association. 03 1 1 1 1 204

5 25. 21. The cheapest mode of transporting imported cars from America to Nigeria is by A. air. B. road. C. water. D. rail. 26. 22. The middleman that buys in bulk and sells in bit is A. a retailer. B. an agent. C. a wholesaler. D. a broker. 27. 23. Which of the following channels of distribution would a producer who wants to control its unit price use? A. Producer — * Consumer B. Producer — »ÿ Retailer — > Consumer C . Producer — > Wholesaler — > Retai ler — ÿ Consumer D. Producer — > Agent — ÿ Retailer — > 28. Consumer 24. An example of transportation document that is used for local trade is A. waybill. B. certificate of origin. C. consular invoice. D. bill of lading. All individuals and units that buy goods for personal use constitute the A. industrial market. B. consumer market. C. government market. D. re-seller market. Which of the following activities is not a function of a merchandiser? A. Displaying products in the best location B. Identifying potential new accounts C. Maintaining and increasing shelf space D. Cleaning and displaying of products The differentiation of a firm's product from other competing goods is A. packaging. B. labelling. C. coding. D. branding. A disadvantage of warehousing is that it A. encourages hoarding of goods to create scarcity. B. ensures the availability of goods when needed. C. helps to protect goods from damages. D. ensures availability of storage facility for goods. 031 II 1204 Turn Over

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PAPER 2 Essay (80 marks] Answer four questions only 1. Mr. Abu, an entrepreneur, wants to establish a public warehousing business (a) State five factors to be considered by Mr. Abu in locating the business (i)Rent Rates & Taxes. (ii)Workforce Availability, Labor Skills & Costs. (iii)Roads, Highways & Traffic Flow. (iv)Proximity to Airport, Railway Stations & Ports. (v)Markets & Local – Environment Factors. (vi)Building Availability & Utility Costs. (b) Describe five activities to be carried out by Mr . Abu in the business (i) Receiving: operations that involve the assignment of trucks to docks, the scheduling and execution of unloading activities. (ii)Storing: material’s movement from unloading area to its designated place in inventory. (iii)Order Picking: the process of obt aining the right amount of the right products for a set of customer orders. (iv)Shipping: execution of packing and truck’s loading after picking, involving also the assignment of trucks to docks (v)Delivery: the transit time for transportation from the warehouse to the customer. 2 a. State five ways e - marketing could be abused. (i) By chatting with unknown people (ii) By changing the internet address (iii)By using bad language for e marketing (iv)By pretending to be someone else (v)By changing the internet address b. Ajax Ltd is a marketing company that intends to reach its customers through e - mail. Explain five importance of e - mail to Ajax Ltd’s operations. (i) It will help to reduces the code of advertisement to Ajax LTD (ii)It will helps the company to track the rate of return on their investment (iii)It will helps to research on many customers at the same time (iv)It will enables Ajax LTD to personalize messages effectively (v)It will helps the company to know the number of their customers effectively. 3. a. Identify the parts of the product labelled A. B C and D b. State three function of the pa rt labelled A to the product c. Explain five importance of the part labelled C t o the consumer 4 . Ozayi Ltd is a new manufacturing company producing consumer goods The company intends to gain market shares by using sales promotion (a) Outline four importance of sales promotion to the company (b) List and explain four sales promotional tools that can be used by the company.