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THE 101 TOP B2B MARKETING INFLUENCERS OF 2022 Katrina Klier Sara Larsen Bryan Law Recent CMO | PROS VP, Marketing Chief Marketing Officer CMO Super Power | Wolters Kluwer | ZoomInfo Building a powerhouse team. CMO Super Power CMO Super Power Building empowered and Driving revenue through tight sales/ Katrina is a Global B2B Chief accountable teams. marketing alignment. Marketing Officer & Chief Digital Officer, and has extensive As an experienced marketer, With over 20 years of experience in experience leading digital Sara’s passion is growing brand marketing, general management, transformation, brand optimization impact, building high performing strategy, eCommerce, and initiatives, and new product teams, and achieving breakout analytics, Bryan has held launches at five Fortune 500 success in new markets with leadership roles at ZoomInfo, companies, including two of innovative technology products. Salesforce, Google, Tableau the world’s most recognized She’s been fortunate to have and Monitor Deloitte, amongst technology players and a top-10 learned from some of the best others. In his current role, he leads global professional services firm. leaders in marketing, and to have ZoomInfo’s marketing organization During her time in leadership used that experience to lead globally and is responsible for roles at Accenture, Microsoft, and marketing organizations and driving demand and supporting HP, she leveraged client data/ programs to build brands, expand company growth, enhancing analytics, including customer markets, launch new products, their brand awareness, and segmentation, hyper-targeted and grow top line bookings and expanding thought leadership personalization, and other revenue, including SaaS, across across marketing and quantitative and qualitative data to multiple industries. Always in tight communication channels. transform the sales and marketing partnership with sales and product strategy, monitor end-to-end leadership, she takes pride in customer journeys, and deliver finding wins together, and doing an exceptional digital customer so with creativity, customer focus, experience. and strong return on investment. 19

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