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branches, we can try to avoid these things as proactively as possible. And when we don’t, we just react as quickly as we can to those kinds of situations, by using the agile approach. Keep We keep measuring We are dead serious reinventing about revitalizing and reinventing yourself ourselves. We keep ourselves monitoring, measuring and adjusting our efforts. After each engagement and together with all the project stakeholders, we analyze what worked, and what did not. We measure our launches–seeing that those are extra important to us and are managed in We use what we call our ‘micro-dashboards’ as a directive a very thorough manner—differently. We use a ‘fun’ infographic which documents very thor- to make sure we discuss everything in detail and never oughly the impact of our efforts. It shows the attendance at our virtual events, which were the miss a thing. We talk about how the collaboration went and most popular breakout sessions, what was the amount of downloads of collateral and which what the new insights or innovations were. We discuss if were the most popular ones, how many of our tweets were shared… All of this is, of course, there was any course correction or issue avoidance. We intended so we can quickly and clearly see what worked and what did not. So we can readjust tackle how we communicated and where the roadblocks the next time around. 37 were. We go over each step carefully together to see what we can learn and what ought to be changed. We also organized a focus group with an outside supplier. That way all the engagement stakeholders could impart, in full anonymity, what they thought about our methodology and approach. We received some very helpful insights from that and now we are looking into it to see how we can close the loop on the feedback we received.

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