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Agile marketing is not ‘just’ a methodology that you can implement in order to collaborate When you want to introduce culture better, react faster or become more innovative. It is a fundamental culture shift. According to Start changes it is essential that you Tobias Mayer, author of ‘The People’s Scrum: Agile Ideas for Revolutionary Transformation’, small start small–like we did, with a pilot Scrum is much more about changing the way we think than it is a process. project–and then carry on, step by step. In fact, this is not just one of So, as with every change management project, make sure to involve your stakeholders as the basics of change, but of ‘agile’ as well: work step by soon as you can, even before formulating the change objectives and the way to get there. In step, in short cycles and, after every deliverable, re-eval- the collaborative environment that is agile marketing, that’s how you should work anyway. Do uate and change course, if needed. not just ‘throw’ agile marketing at your marketing department. This will just make adapting it all the more harder. The good thing about that is, that you only need to really ‘convince’ the first group of the pilot project. They will be the hardest sell. But once that project is over, and it was (more or less) a success, the next project will encounter less resistance. Because you will be able to show what you have achieved. Results speak so much louder than motiva- tional words and promises. So always catalogue your proof points and your successes for further use. Of course, there is a slight chance that your first pilot project will fail, possibly even miserably. Be prepared for 43 that. But do not get discouraged. That too, is ‘agile’. Get back up on your feet, brush yourself off and try to find out what exactly went wrong. Measure your mistakes, analyze their source, learn from that and try to adapt your personal agile marketing methodology to it.

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