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Thdsbd df lsoefrd s ns deolsdexdfsd ds foos ls ns os oods oools Greater ability to adapt to changing business needs 59% Ability to customize tools to suit your needs 54% Easier cross-departmental collaboration 47% Increased problem-solving at the individual contributor level 43% Faster ship time for content and campaigns 39% Reduced reliance on IT 34% Cost savings 23% No code is a trend for a reason With marketers battling increasing workloads and an This year’s report found 8 in 10 marketing teams are ever expanding scope of responsibilities, teams need using no and low code marketing tools currently, and flexible solutions—ones that allow them to build and 80% of leaders expect their teams’ use of no code to evolve workflows to keep up with shifting demands. More increase over the next 12 months. As a comparison point, specifically, teams need to be able to dictate how they last year’s report found 33% of marketers were using no work with technology, not the other way around. code tools on a regular basis. But marketing teams using no code report benefits even “I don’t think it’s coincidental that marketers are beyond adaptability and customization. This research embracing no code right now,” Scott Brinker told found a strong correlation between marketing leaders Airtable. “These technologies allow you to adapt much using no code and those who reported less manual work, more quickly to changes in the environment… and those more efficient workflows, and the ability to make data changes do not seem to be slowing down.” driven decisions. The percentage of marketing work that is done manually Do not use no code/low code tools 45% Use no code/low code tools 36% Total 3 % 21 Airtable 2022 Marketing trends report

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